Vijaya L.

Vijaya L.

Business intelligence and data analytics professional

Hatfield , United States

Experience: 29 Years


Hatfield , United States

Business intelligence and data analytics professional

307200 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

29 Years

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About Me

Hello Hiring Manager, 

As a senior leader with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical, entertainment, communication industries domestically as well as internationally with a proven track record of delivering ...

In my current role of Chief technical architect of Information Systems at Universal Health Services, I lead technology, operational, and financial advancement.   I have connected and warehoused many disparate systems and data, created robotic process automation for healthcare revenue cycle operations, provided predictive and historical analytics along with actionable intelligence for opportunities for improvement, and produced tangible results realizing opportunity maximizing customer satisfaction, continuously improving quality, reducing cost, remaining on budget, building world class staff, increasing revenue, improving financials, maximizing service excellence, improving communities and increasing productivity. 

My proven dedication to optimizing operational success, continuously improving people/processes/technology and business performance, along with my technical, analytical, and communication talents, will contribute to the success of your company’s objectives.  I look forward to discussing how I can bring positive momentum and join your team to bring bottom line results.

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Portfolio Projects

DVD player


DVD player


Software Architect


Developed and QA for first DVD player on PC

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Crosplatform authoring and backup SDK


Crosplatform authoring and backup SDK


Created cross platform build system for visual studio and authoring and archival SDK in .NET and Java for OSX, Broadcom, Linux OSs from windows code

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Automating manual operational processes



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