Roderick G.

Roderick G.

7 years in php, 4 years in nodejs

Manila , Philippines

Experience: 11 Years


Manila , Philippines

7 years in php, 4 years in nodejs

38400 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

11 Years

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About Me

** Active
- actively developing apps using nestJS, typescript, typeORM, and various AWS Technologies such as SES, SQS, KMS, lambda and DynamoDB.

** Previous **
 - Fullstack Javascript Developer ( currently attached on node...

** Previous **
 - Fullstack Javascript Developer ( currently attached on nodeJS  / reactJS / featherJS / webpack  ), with ELK stack + APM + NATS + Docker + OFFLINE first application, possible future experience of react native related projects.

- Data aggregations, configurations, optimization, scaling using MongoDB.
- Maintaining and Migration projects from meteorjs to featherJS with micro services architecture.

Web servers administrator, server and software troubleshootings,  content compression and usage of caching technologies, APC, REDIS.

Web Developer, maintaining / improving multiple ecommerce websites created from the scratch.

Database Optimizer and Query Developer ( mysql  ).

Ajax/Javascript/Jquery Developer/ Web workers specialized in controlling the content of project, implementing events, calculation, retrieval and detailed manipulation both content-declared or by scripts type of objects.

Practicing Code Quality Assurance, Test Driven Development under CakePHP. 
Fanatic of Bash Scripting and Shell Scripting. 

Designing Continuous Integration workflow ( adding features, bug fixing, updates or maintenace with zero or lesser downtime percentage ) with bash.

Script Development/ Automation Development which aim to lessen the human interaction on getting information / reports.

Specialties: php programming, jquery development and programming, html+css+javascript development, mobile development (appcelerator) , custom-ecommerce development and integration, cakephp ( rapid development framework ), bash scripting, workflow automation, websites ( flash videio, web workers), systems bottleneck analysis and performance improvement.

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Networking & Security

Portfolio Projects




Full-Stack Developer


  • A Philippine-based supporting company for US-based company, 

      • Salesone LLC (A multi-type jewelry seller company that covering United States, Mexico, Panama, Australia, Canada, India) and currently expanding to other regions of the world.

  • Head Programmer.

  • Handling all web related tasks that includes: 

      • PSD Design Implementations, 

      • Apache .htaccess configuration

      • Product Ordering 

      • Store Expansions (for all sub websites and licensures), 

      • Shopping Cart 

      • Customer Information, 

      • Payments (COD, Paypal and ) 

      • Shipping ( UPS )

      • Gallery Pages

      • Product Distinct Listing (New Styles, On sale Items, Gender (Women, Me)

      • Product Category and Sub Categories)

      • Store Features (Design, Maintenance and Expansions)

      • URL formatting (SEO friendly) using mod rewriting

      • Sales Reporting and Aggregations

      • Product Exporting and Importing via Excels.


  • Database design, Query Database implementation, Query Optimization (Improve performance, data integration), Web Page Optimization, Data Delivery, Web Migrations (Both Website Content, Functionalities and Database).

  • Handles JavaScript application development, Ajax Programming and other Related JavaScript Programming ( JQuery or Custom Type )

  • Custom Ecommerce Web Developer

These are the following websites for handling. 


      • ( Licensed under Marvels )

      • ( Licensed Playboy )

      • ( Licensed Transformers )

      • ( Licensed DC comics )

      • ( Licensed Sons of Anarchy )

      • ( US inox )

      • Canadian Inox ) 

      • Australian Inox )

      • ( Panama Inox )

      • ( Mexico Inox )

      • ( the only store for retail )

      • ( company website )


  1. Auto Shopper

  2. RMA

  3. Administrative side of all Websites

  4. Access Limiting

  5. Sales Rep System

  6. Customer Account, Ordering and Report

  7. Facebook Application build using Flex ( Flash Builder )

  8. Exporting Product Information with Image using PHPExcel.

  9. API designing / Integration

  10. Barcode ( Web-based application that uses barcode scanner for product entry, manipulations, importing and exporting )

  11. Ajax-based shopping cart / Shipping / Payment Section

  12. Mysql Events ( mysql version of cron jobs in php )

  13. Php Automation using cron jobs



  1. Mobile Viewed Websites

  2. Mobile Applications

  3. Better Search Results

  4. Social Website Ecommerce Integration.

  5. SAP / SQL server 2012

  6. Apache Automation ( cron jobs )

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The War Room


  • Working on the project

    • Was built from codeigniter PHP framework.

    • This website display NFL updates and related information

    • Upon the creation, this website uses the web scraping to pull information from its ancestor/referred websites.

Initiated Taboo Tyke Game Development under GAMESALAD SDK.

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Fatmalaboo Website


Fatmalaboo Website


  • Australian-based Outsourcing Company.

  • Support any web related tasks such as given by superiors. Covers the following:

    • Web site Design Implementation.

    • Report 

    • Login

    • CMS expansions

    • Account Handling

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Meegle - Online Reputation Platform


Meegle - Online Reputation Platform


Backend Developer


- Online business platform that helps businesses to discover the review and online reputation can leads to greater heights.

- I was primarily Senior Backend Developer.

- Designed the APIS that directly interact with the clients ( browsers, other apps), Analysis system performance, orchestrated with the distributed system using NATS protocol.

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