Oleksandr D.

Oleksandr D.

JavaScript (Node.js, Vue.js, ReactJS), Java Developer

Kharkiv , Ukraine

Experience: 2 Years


Kharkiv , Ukraine

JavaScript (Node.js, Vue.js, ReactJS), Java Developer

8600 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

2 Years

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About Me

Technical  skills

Operating  systems:                             Windows,  Ubuntu.

Programming languages:                   Jav...

Programming languages:                   JavaScript,  Java,  C++.

Java  platforms:                                  Java  SE  8,  Java  EE  7.

Build Systems:                                     Maven.

Web/App servers:                                Apache Tomcat,  WildFly.

Database management system:          PostgreSQL, MySQL, liquibase.

Unit  testing  frameworks:                  JUnit. 

Compilers and Development Tools:    WebStorm 2019.

Version  control  systems:                  Git,  Git-flow,  SVN.


Relevant  skills

  • Rage MP;
  • React  JS;
  • React  Router;
  • Redux;
  • Node.js;
  • Vue.js;
  • Bootstrap  4;
  • HTML  5,  CSS  3;
  • Material Design (material-ui.com);
  • Understanding  WebPack,  Babel.

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Portfolio Projects


Developing applications using Rage MP, Vue.js, JavaScript, ReactJS, Node.js, HTML 5, CSS 3, Spring, Java.

Cooperation with Companies:

· Fortis RP, remote (https://fortisrp.ru/, https://vk.com/fortisrp)

  1. Rage MP application development (node.js, vue.js).

· SGS Universal, Kharkiv, Ukraine (https://ratingcasino.online/slots/sgsuniversal/)

  1. Creating scripts for PostgreSQL database migration (create and alter databases) using liquibase for Azartmania game site and other projects;
  2. Creating profiles for database migration realization, using bean
    of type liquibase.integration.spring.SpringLiquibase.

· MeralDev Company, Kharkiv, Ukraine (https://meraldev.com/)

  1. Spring Boot, Spring MVC applications development;
  2. Front-end development (administrative panel).

· Mobidev Company, Kharkiv, Ukraine (https://mobidev.biz/)

  1. Spring Boot CRUD application development;
  2. Rework Java application in terms of sending e-mails: from JavaMail API to Gmail API.

OS: Mac OS, Ubuntu, Windows 10.

Software and libraries: WebStorm 2019, IntelliJ IDEA 2017, 2018, 2019.

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