Mallikarjun R.

Mallikarjun R.

Technical Lead

Bangalore , India

Experience: 9 Years


Bangalore , India

Technical Lead

25028.5 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

9 Years

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About Me

Mallikarjun Ramadurg is an Oracle DBA and EXADATA administration Expert and has a deep knowledge in Oracle EBS APPS DBA, having more than 8 Years of experience and has got In-depth knowledge of database design, build, cloning and administration an...

I am currently leading a team as infrastructure lead.

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Portfolio Projects





·       Installation, Configuration, Monitoring and Administration of all Oracle Databases

·       Installation and configuration of EBS applications and APPS DBA support.

·       ZFS patching and EXADATA Administration, Platinum patching and H/W maintenance

·       In-House datacenter migrations projects.

·       OMC Log Analytics Setup

·       SSO implementation

·       Thin Clone/gDBClone - Project

·       Tape Backup validations

·       EXADATA OS backup

·       Infrastructure support and backup management

·       Handling the project activities for performance improvement.

·       Exadata ASR and H/W maintenance and monitor

·       DB and Linux OS User Audit

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Oracle India pvt ltd

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Shiva K


Oracle India pvt ltd


Backend Developer


·       Installation, Configuration, Monitoring and Administration of all Oracle Databases

·       On Exadata Manage Security & Privilege, DR & Replication, Backup & Recover and other daily operations and ensure performance and availability 

·       Hands on experience in Root cause analysis for business impacting issues

·       Manage & Configure Exadata Machine (Network, OS, DB)

·       CELL services monitoring and EM control monitoring.

·       Troubleshooting the Exadata features.

·       Giving L2/L3, 24/7 support to the client as DBA and leading the team in operations.

·       Installing the RAC set-up in EXADATA boxes of 11g and 12c using OUI and GI infrastructure.

·       Health checking of EXADATA system using exachk utility

·       Monitoring the Nodes via ILOMs for checking performance and bringing up the nodes via ILOMs

·       Collecting the diagnostic repost and CELL/DB node and ILOM snapshots

·       IB Swicth patching using the patchmgr  

·       Installing or up grading existing databases over RAC environment.

·       Upgrading the database with the data guard setup

·       EXADATA administration and EXADATA CELL severs and DB server administration

·       EXADATA engineering system patching, BP(Bundle Patch), YUM, CELL and IB switch

·       Database up gradation from to or to 12c or to 12c so on. Have done more than 200+ upgradations

·       SPOC responsibility for the sensitive EXADATA customer and meeting their satisfaction/expectation during pre-patch, patching and post-patch activity

·       Installing the mgmt Database in 12c

·       Clearing escalated and high severity tickets as part of team member.

·       Grid infrastructure upgrade and database upgrade from to or to 12c or to 12c so on, have done more than 200+ upgradation.

·       Exadata patching. (Compute nodes, Storage nodes, Infiniband Switches and Bundle patches on Databases).

·       As Exadata System performance specialist, used to handle compute nodes and storage server administration.

·       Software cloning.

·       Experienced in troubleshooting and decision making knowledge on mission critical issues.

·       Administration of Oracle 11gR2 RAC environments for multi-nodes based database.

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Igate Global


Igate Global


·       24x7 Remote Database Support

·       Creation/administration of oracle database as per the requirement of Dev or QA team.

·       Applying oracle Upgrade and Patches.

·       Taking backup using RMAN.

·       Creation and management of schemas as per user requirement.

·       Taking EXPORT backups on daily basis, RMAN backups and Refreshing DBs.

·       Installing ORACLE in RHEL 5.0/Win and Creating DBs and creating Users granting roles and managing DB links

·       Monitoring listener availability. Managing SQL developer, monitoring and tracing user session and performance tuning

·       Troubleshooting of the ORA errors.

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·       Monitoring availability of Databases, Instances and its listeners.

·       Monitoring Growth of Tablespaces, data files and Redo log files.

·       Monitoring disk space and escalate to OS administrators for any disk space issues and also inform the Client regarding the consequences of it.

·       Monitoring the existing DR site to make sure that they are in sync with production.

·       Checking alert logs for errors and resolving them.

·       24 x 7 support  for all database related incidents

·       Creation of new databases and administration of existing databases

·       Installation of Database related software

·       Role creation, modification, deletion

·       Proactively monitor and maintain database instances.

·       Proactively analyze and eliminate reoccurring problems to reduce number of incidents.

·       Disaster Recovery completed successfully by being in Bridge Call with the Clients and the other Vendors.

·       Performed Cold Cloning of databases.

·       Database Patching, Troubleshooting.

·       Usage of OEM to maintain databases.

·       Working on HP ticketing tool.

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