Mary W.

Mary W.

Back-end Java Developer

Atlanta , United States

Experience: 1 Year


Atlanta , United States

Back-end Java Developer

70000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

1 Year

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About Me

Reliable software developer with previous experience in higher education and a knack for optimizing processes. A passion for problem-solving and using technology to automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity led to my interest in web devel...

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Backend Developer


Share is an online marketplace that allows neighbors to lend and borrow items, send messages, and leave reviews. This is a full stack application built with Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and MySQL. I worked with 3 other developers on this project and participated in the full software design lifecycle of the project from the initial planning, trello board, and database design to deployment with Digital Ocean and dokku. My primary role was working on the back-end with models and controllers for the functionality to view, add, and remove items. I used the zippopotam zipcode API to autofill the user's city and state upon registering and Spring Boot's built-in file upload to allow user's to upload their profile picture and photo of the item. I also used Spring Boot's validation annotation to validate form submissions.

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