Samarth K.

Samarth K.

Sr Backend Developer- Python

, India

Experience: 6 Years


Sr Backend Developer- Python

19200 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

6 Years

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About Me

- 6+ years of experience in Software development.

- A versatile technologist with extensive experience in developing sclabale and production grade Microservices in GoLang and Python and making them production ready by deploying them on clo...

- A highly reliable software developer who can go to any extent to serve the customers well.

- A skilled Software Engineer with progressive experience in all phases of the software development life cycle - Requirements Based Testing, Development

-A fast learner with the ability to quickly adapt to rapidly evolving technologies and organisations

- Enjoys self learning by making projects myself.

- Currently works for NetApp on the payroll of HCL Technologies.

- A team leader who loves leading the team from the front.

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Portfolio Projects


- To Design and Devlop highly scalable Microservices using python Flask-Restful framework

- To make the Microservices handle the load of 1000 users per second using Gunicorn servers

- Integrating the Microservices with NGINX

- Monitor the load using NGINX Amplify

- Redis cache

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Name: Office in your pocket
Duration: Jan 2019 to September 2019
Client: Rockwell Collins
Location: Rockwell Collins, Hyderabad (From Jan 2019 – September 2019)
There was no mechanism in Rockwell Collins to overlook the status of the JIRA board for an
active agile sprint for a team over the internet and to run the testing tools from internet. 'Office
in your pocket' is a tool which enables the engineers to run their tests file from the internet
(google sheet) and to monitor the activities of an active sprint from those google sheets.
Following are the some of the implementation details of the tool:
This tool keeps on making requests to the JIRA board through its REST APIs and dumps that
data into google sheet cells and this sheet can also take the input from engineers from the google
sheet and based on the input this tool runs the test files in the office machine on the different
verification environments/tools and it also allows the users to mark their files for rerun in
Starwars from the same google sheet and creates the JIRA issues itself. This tool is an interface
between the google sheet over the internet and organization's tools the like Vista, SVN, JIRA that
have the privilege of living on company's servers.
• Envisaged the idea of this tool.
• To collect the data of an active sprint by making calls to the JIRA and CrucibleRest
APIs through python requests module.
• Store the relevant sprint data (Like Story number, Summary,Assignee,
Review, Artifacts in the review) in the Google sheet by making use of
Gspread and Oauthclient packages of python.
• Read the input given by the user from the Google sheet and run the files on
Verification tools by spawning new processes in python by making calls tothe
APIs of the test tools.
• Publish the results of the log files, generated after the test runs by Verification
tools, back to the Google sheet to enable the user to see the status of their testfiles
on their phones, ipad, personal machines.
• To automatically create an issue in JIRA by making use of it's Rest APIsthrough
python requests module.
• To find all the discrepancies in the SCA reports and test files.
• To automatically add those found discrepancies to the review using the RestAPIs
of Crucible.
• Mentor newly joined engineers on this tool.
• Tool is widely used within the organization by the engineers.
Technologies Used: Python Automation with 3.6, Oauthclient , Python 3rd party
package like PyPDF, Gspread etc., Google development console, Rest APIs of Crucible

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- To design and develop highly scalable production grade Microservices using GoLang Gin-Gonic framework, Python flask restful and Postgres SQL

- Caching of response of Microservices using Redis-Cache

- Write Docker Files for Microservices

- Establish inter communication between Microservices through Kubernetes

- Logging of errors using MongoDb

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