Abhishek S.

Abhishek S.

Experienced Blockchain developer(Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Nodejs, Smart contract Audit)

Delhi , India

Experience: 2 Years


Delhi , India

Experienced Blockchain developer(Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, Nodejs, Smart contract Audit)

25714.3 USD / Year

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2 Years

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About Me

Abhishek Sharma is having an experience of more than 2 years in Blockchain development, Smart contract Audit and development. have worked on Top Blockchain projects Dapps, ICO, STO, Supplychain, music industry, Wallet, Eco-system.


Blockchain researcher, with experience in developing tools for smart contract Audit and developing Decentralised exchange (DEX) using 0x protocol.





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Portfolio Projects

Smart contract Audits


Smart contract Audits


Smart contracts Security Audits (ICO/STO) : Pexo, Rama United Coin, Discovery IOT, Asmx, Linkchain,
maester protocol, KEY insurance service, Sparkle, MoonX, ZUC Token, MoonCoin, BTCCredit.
Dapps Audit : Rejoult (E2D Coin, pyramid Game), GuildCrypt (NFT), Coalichain, mycrojobs token, vesting
and Mycrojobs business logic contract.
Smart contracts Development (ICO) : PEXO, RUC, Maester Protocol, Discovery IOT, Zineum (Retail
market place), FessChain.
Smart contracts Development (STO) : fraction0x, QH20.

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Blockchain CI/CD


Blockchain CI/CD


CI/CD Setup for Smart contracts (nodejs): Continous Integration and Continous Development tool for
smart contract, where on each commit on github, solidity tools (mythril, slither, oyente, surya, Echinda,
Manticore) test cases and coverage report will be genrated and full audit report will be sent on mail to repo
owner (backend / nodejs) (August - present) .

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