Shufyan K.

Shufyan K.

Full Stack Developer with 9+ years of experience, skilled in Python, Lotus Notes, Data Science

Kolkata , India

Experience: 9 Years


Kolkata , India

Full Stack Developer with 9+ years of experience, skilled in Python, Lotus Notes, Data Science

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9 Years

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About Me

Full Stack Developer with 9+ years of experience, skilled in Python Web Application, IBM Notes & XPages development.


Individually developed a product “Waste Accumulati...


Individually developed a product “Waste Accumulation & Health Hazards” using Python Flask Web framework, IBM Watson, Cloudant, Object Storage & Google Location services and deployed it on IBM Bluemix Cloud.


Experienced in Development, Support & Troubleshooting of Web and Client application systems. Actively involved in Requirement Analysis, Estimation, Project plan & Milestone Plan. Preparing Technical Design Documentation. Successfully completing Coding & Testing. Preparing Roll-Out documentation, End user documentations. Actively involved in pre-production support, UAT, post-production support.


As an Onsite Coordinator been involved in planning & scheduling meeting with Client, Collecting their business requirement, Suggesting them the technical mapping & solutions, Preparing the requirement documents, Coordinating with the Offshore team for their queries & doubts, Tracking the project progress with periodic meetings, Doing a phase wise delivery to the Client, Deploying the final template to Customers staging server, Supporting their queries with onsite-offshore coordination, Deploying the signed off template to live, Proving complete coordination in post-production supports etc.


Supporting to clients in their time zones in different shifts based on project.


Operating Environments

Windows 10/2000/XP/NT/98

Python Programming Skill

Python (Flask & Django), WTForms, Jinja Templating, Python API’s, Blueprint, ORM etc.

Data Science Programming Skill

Python for Data Science, Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Algorithms (Basic Level), Data Analysis, Data Wrangling & Clean-up, Data Visualization, IBM Watson Services etc.

UI/UX Programming Skill

jQuery, Dojo, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, XML, JSON etc.

IBM Notes Programming Skill

IBM Notes XPages, SSJS & CSJS for XPages, XControls, IBM Notes Formula Language, Lotus Script, Java for IBM Notes etc.

Integration Skill

Paytm (Payment Gateway) in Python, Google Maps, Google Chart etc.

Other Programming Language

Android (Basic), Java (Basic)


MySQL, SQL Server, Cloudant (NoSQL), CouchDB (NoSQL), Lotus Notes etc.

Version Controlling


Reporting Tools

Ms-Excel, Ms-Word Report, Crystal Reports.

Project Plan Tools

MS Excel, MS Project Planner

Other Tools

Remedy, SourceTree

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Networking & Security

Portfolio Projects

Waste Accumulation & Health Hazard (Python & IBM Watson)


Waste Accumulation & Health Hazard (Python & IBM Watson)


Full-Stack Developer


Description -

WAHH is an ultimate software solution for general public to (Capture, Predict & Report) the Accumulated Waste or Dead Animal usually encountered on a frequent basis.


The mobile app allows the user to capture the photo of waste, the AI logic behind runs prediction on the photo and displays various (objects, object specific diseases & disease details like summary, symptoms, causes, prevention & treatment) available in the garbage. There's a 'Report' button on screen, clicking which will immediately send the detailed report to nearest municipality.


However, the Web platform is a beautiful dashboard provided for the registered action takers (Govt./Municipalities) to see various reports submitted with Geo Location, an integrated Map helps the Municipality to easily locate the reported area. The detailed report communicates about the impact of the waste. This will help the Govt. to understand the seriousness of health hazards due to waste and to take immediate action.


In future, the plan is to introduce Drone (IoT) for capturing and reporting along with app. Improvise the Web platform for assignment and status management. And a better analyzing & reporting system for Govt. / Municipality (Action Taker) based on Geo Indexing functionality etc.


Responsibilities –

  • Requirement Gathering, Project Planning, Architecture Design & Documentation.
  • Involved in complete front-end & back-end development using Python & Cloudant Db.
  • Involved completely in understanding & using IBM Watson Visual Recognition, Cloud Object Storage & Cloudant Services.
  • Involved completely in integrating Paytm payment gateway etc.
  • Involved in writing various API’s as required.


Skills / Language - 

  • Python, IBM Watson Services.
  • Cloudant DB, Cloud Object Storage, API Development.
  • Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Google Map API, Location services etc.

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Software Architect


SchoolTonic is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. The software has the ability to host modules which allows a user to maintain the academic history of students, staffs, inventories, various records, etc. which ultimately helps the staff, teachers and school authorities to work in accord. The tool brings many different functions/departments in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place.

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StudentTonic.Com (Educate the Nation)


StudentTonic.Com (Educate the Nation)


Software Architect


StudentTonic, a unique e-learning platform created for multiple devices to digitalize the education system. The purpose of StudentTonic is to digitalize the school’s curriculum without doing enough transformation on the classical approach like (Daily Attendance, Regular Classes, Precise Topics, Activity Based Exams, Progress Tracking & Suggestions for Improvements etc.)

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Work Nexus – Vendor Mgmt. System (Classic) & Reimagine (XPages Version)


Work Nexus – Vendor Mgmt. System (Classic) & Reimagine (XPages Version)


Full-Stack Developer


A Vendor Management Software, tailor-made to fit the requirements, process & environment of any vendor. There were multiple roles & levels of access in Work Nexus like Program Administrator, Requestor, Delegate, Request Approver, Customer Internal, Supplier, Contractor etc.


Workflow: A brief on the workflow is as follows, the Administrator was responsible for creating different Suppliers, Requesting Managers, News bulletins etc. in the system. The were various modules involved in like Candidate Recruiting Request, Payroll Request, Timesheet/Expense Report Process, Performance Reporting etc. with their own workflow and functionalities.


My role in this project was to make required changes in the existing template as per new vendors requirement or to add any new modules/functionalities if asked for.


On the other hand, Reimagine is a XPages migration of the same application in which, I was actively involved as one of the members in development team.

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