Mannan R.

Mannan R.

Senior iOS Developer

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Experience: 8 Years


Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Senior iOS Developer

96000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

8 Years

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About Me

I am self-motivated and hard working person with 8 years of experience in iOS Development. I am capable of working in highly competitive environment. Has developed and enhanced understanding of the technical aspects of software engineering. Indepe...

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Portfolio Projects


The FAB NHL app can help you manage your ADHA loan wherever you are and whenever you want. The enhanced app now includes:

· A brand new design & experience

· Register easily and quickly from your mobile device

· Store all your documents on your mobile device

· Book a branch appointment through the app to finalize your loan account

· Design your future home and share with your friends and family

· Explore FAB products from your app

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Hey Player is a new way to securely stream, share and promote exclusive content with fans and followers.

Hey Player allows content owners to control when, how long, and most importantly who can access and view their content.


- A secure way for artists, musicians and content creators to share content with their audience
- Complete control over how, when, who and how many times your content is played
- Can be used to comply with GDPR marketing regulation rules, or to ensure the validity of existing mailing lists
- Can be used to share with specific people, or to engage and capture new audiences
- Campaigns can be shared over social media, direct email or as links
- Artists and marketers can view detailed analytics of campaigns; open-rate, total plays, engagement
- Artists can earn revenue using the affiliate options

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Hey Ants a file transfer platform that enables users to send multiple files and folders more efficiently and cost effectively.

Transfer, store and share files, on the go from any device using the free forever or upgrade to the premium Hey Ants Black option.

Free features:
- Transfer multiple files of up to 2GB in one go
- Up to seven days download period
- Password protected transfers

Black features:
- $9.99 a month
- Share multiple files of up to 20GB in one go
- Up to 14 days download period
- Send up to 100GB of files in five simultaneous transfers (20GB each)
- Personalise profile option
- Password protected transfers

Hey Ants is open to anyone that requires a file management service, from the creative industry, such as photographers, illustrators, musicians to SME’s and corporates and the everyday user.

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Reach out for election facts and figures, fast!

Follow the latest news and trends about Pakistan Elections 2018. Our app is all set to make you feel the heat and get all the latest buzz on coming elections 2018. So, don't just sit back! Download, get connected and stay informed the easy way. Our talented team is fully dedicated, day and night, to provide you with the most recent election updates since we believe that it is the well informed who makes a wise decision. We aspire to empower you with all the latest election news, just within few taps of your finger. Favorite a party of choice or enter various polls to present your own opinion or to check out general public trends. Learn how to cast a vote if you are a first-timer. Share any fact, info, result within your social network for more involvement.


- Latest updates on national and provincial constituencies

- Intuitive stats and figures

- Easy navigation and controls

- User polls on most happening election events

- Graphical poll results based on public opinion

- Get party details using their website, facebook/twitter/google+ pages

- Share posts and poll results using facebook/twitter/google+/Email

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Mixxlist is your ultimate music and video playlist destination.

Discover, create, listen and share unlimited playlists with this one-stop music and video App.
Combine and mix your playlists from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and Spotify* into one place with one log in.
Become a Mixxlist trendsetter by demonstrating your unrivalled taste in music.
Reinvent the mixtape by sharing your favourite tunes with your friends and fellow music lovers.
Get discovered by liking other Mixxlister’s playlists and check out who’s liked yours.

▸ Mixxlist is free to download. No subscription fee. No adverts.
▸ Create personal soundtracks from millions of songs and videos worldwide – every language, every genre.
▸ Curate personalised playlists based on artist, genre, mood or theme.
▸ Enjoy the convenience of storing all your playlists in one place. No need to switch between streaming services.
▸ Follow the trendsetters and tastemakers. Or become an influencer yourself.

Whatever your musical passion, turn it up on Mixxlist. All your music in one place.

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