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Ruchin S.

Senior IOS Developer


Experience: 10 Years


Senior IOS Developer

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10 Years

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"LimoFINDER Driver" is the driver app for a cloud-based platform: is a powerful cloud-based B2B platform for the limousine and luxury ground transportation industry. With you can see real-time available limos, luxury SUVs, Sprinter vans, sedans, and party buses on a Google map, and contact them directly with one click.

Optimize your fleet profitability and efficiency with our proprietary vehicle mapping software and let thousands of potential customers see your vehicles. is a free service with no commissions or per lead charges.

What is LimoFINDER?

LimoFINDER is real-time cloud-based B2B platform that allow you to book fleet vehicles on-demand.

LimoFINDER is the only platform where you can book luxury transportation and party buses on-demand.

Starts in South Florida, New York, and Atlanta area. Will expend nationwide in the near feature.

How it Works?

LimoFINDER is a new and unique ground transportation experience.


- See all available vehicles on Google map

- Quickly contact them and get a price from their dispatcher

- Book them directly from their operator.


-> Convenient and Fast

Don’t miss last minute reservations.

-> Optimize operational efficiency

Negotiate better fares in the following examples:

- See future long distance rides of affiliates and take advantage of the return-trip fare.

- See out of town cars in your area and book them for traveling back in your direction.

How you can benefit even more?

-> Increase revenue opportunities

Make your vehicle's visible on the platform, so others can book them.

3 Ways to use LimoFINDER today.

1. Book Now

2. See Future Rides of other companies and contact them to negotiate long-distance rides accordingly.

3. Put your fleet on LimoFINDER, so other limo companies and corporate clients can see your vehicles and book them.

*Fares are NOT automatically calculated. You will negotiate your fare with the dispatcher of the vehicle you choose.

All drivers on the platform are professional drivers with HACK licenses, permits, and insured.

Who uses LimoFinder?

Limousine Companies, Private Charter Jet Companies, Hotels, Hospitality Companies, Cruise Companies, Credit Card Companies, Travel Agencies, Concierge Companies, Personal Assistants, and many others.

The platform is free! By Invitation Only, so we can make sure the transportation companies and their drivers have all the necessary credentials.

You don’t have to install anything, download any software, or worry about upgrades. If you use an online bank or web-based email program like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail, you’re already using cloud-based software.

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Diaspora Nigeria is a simple, convenient and fast way to access all Nigerian content in as many spheres of human endeavours as possible in the diaspora.


- Search for nearby Nigerian socioeconomic, religious and cultural concerns with local content

- Search for international organizations (governmental and non-governmental) with affiliation to Nigeria

- Fast, easy and accurate

- Get names, contact addresses, websites, promotions, events and map coordinates. Connect with nearby Nigerians and their interests with just a tap from our mobile app.

- Fast, useful updates all the time

Diaspora Nigeria is sure to give you information and services that would enable you feel home away from home!!!

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No more stress, traffic jams or long supermarket queues, we are here to make your life simple and easier!

Order groceries and daily needs from any local shops, supermarkets & retailers near you.

Through HAPPY MARTS App you can find the easiest way to shop your daily needs from any trusted local shops and supermarkets in just few clicks from your mobile! Your order is delivered from trusted local shops and supermarket to your home or office in about 60 minutes depending on your location.

You can shop for all the items you need from the comfort of your home.

1. Vegetables & Fruits.
2. Dairy & Eggs products, Water, Sweets and Savory, Bakery and Snacks.
3. Soft Drinks & Fresh Juices, Grab and go items.
4. Pulses & Cereal, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Frozen items, Pasta, Rice
5. Fresh Meat; chicken, mutton, beef, seafood,
6. Ice-creams, Coffee & Tea,
7. Beauty & Hygiene, Baby care, Household Items.
8. Pharmacy, Sensual care.
9. Plastics, Cans & jars, more and more the list goes on.

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HP ProTrain, an interactive application is putting the power of learning into the hands of HP promoters. This real-time training platform streamlines and centralizes all training materials into the mobile device, making learning convenient, rewarding and trackable.

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