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Piyush C.

Laravel Developer

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Laravel Developer

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4 Years

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About Me

A driven individual with the ability to adapt to any situation and proven potential to grow self and other. Experienced PHP developer with extensive server-side web development knowledge gathered across 4 years in the industry. PHP developer with ...

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Portfolio Projects

Multi Vendor E-Commmerce Platform


Multi Vendor E-Commmerce Platform


Bricky is an online platform which aims to create fair priced,transparent and user friendly construction equipment renting ecosystem,It facilitates the equipment rental across India with the equipment base spread over.

Multi-vendor e-commerce platform was developed for bringing the construction industry to the digital platform. This platform deals with construction equipment , materials and labor. Allowing multiple vendors to list their products and services to the portal.


The Front End was built using HTML , CSS , JavaScript and BootStrap while backend was in PHP and MYSQL.

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Scools PRo


Full-Stack Developer


Tech Stack :
Laravel, MySql, Firebase push notification service, PHP, Javascript, bootstrap, HTML, css, jQuery, AJAX, AWS.

Problem statement :
A single digital platform for managing a school with large scale integrity of variants of user types.

# System Design (Problem 1):
Create a hybrid system architecture which uses the same structure for different user profiles which includes admin, teacher, student, parents, drivers and many more.
# Solution approach :
Create a skeleton class which accepts users roles and returns their respective features based on their authorization which in-turns rendors all these features on a single platform.

# Resource management (Problem 2) :
To distribute the school resources on booking based on first-come-first-service principle.

# Solution approach :
Here, we captured the time and resource ID for their reservation. The resource was booked on priority base according to the role of the user.

# Multi-tenent software (Problem 3):
Create a single master server which creates instances based on number of schools.

# Solution approach :
Earliar, the software was designed to run on several different instances which was difficult to manage. The core solution to this was to create a master server and uses unique database based on school's primary key and route the request binding it with it's specific database name.

# Bulk Import Student Data (Problem 4):
The traditional approach was to upload a csv or an excel file that contains all the required data for a student to make a transaction to the table. This approach was too naive and was'nt fast enough.

# Solution approach :
Based on different table structure and their unique attribute name, we designed a mapper which logically creates sql queries based on mapping derived between two tables , using the Admin panel built with HTML , CSS and Bootstrap and Mysql and Laravel as backend.

The project was designed as an integrated, sustainable and scalable school administration and management platform with mobile applications that connects parents, students and teachers to each other and the school. ScoolsPRO's integrated platform moves seamlessly from on-site to online education with additional functions of payment solution with cloud-based data management and security, using HTML , CSS , JS , PHP , Laravel ,MYSQL.

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Tech Stack :
Laravel, MySql, Lumen, Micro Service, PHP, AWS.

November 2021 - Present 6 mos

# Report Delivery Algorithm
→ Build specialized crons to generate reports based on domains and its respective date range, Using Laravel Task Scheduler.

# Custom discounts based on User’s location
→ Developed a geofence-based-discount module which customizes the range of discounts to customers based on their location.

# Optimized Refund Calculation
→ This module was fundamentally added to precisely calculate the refund based on parameters such as product description, warehouse metadata, missing products etc and allowing to atribute the amount to either warehouse or particular brand and generating the reports.

# Priority delivery routing algorithm
→ Implemented a priority delivery algorithm which marks the zones considering several parameters such as sales data, peak time, heat map etc and allowing to enable or disable the priority delivery for particualar zone. implemented using PHP and OOPs comcepts.

Grassdoor is a cannabis delivery technology company serving California - Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and more

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