Duddu M.

Duddu M.

i love programming and development.

Patna , India

Experience: 1 Year


Patna , India

i love programming and development.

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1 Year

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About Me

To become a useful engineer in computer science field and contribute my knowledge and skills to my company and society. Looking for a job opportunity to showcase my skills and potential.I love programming.I am more interested in data science and m...

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Portfolio Projects


employee attrition case


Machine Learning Engineer


 1)EMPLOYEE ATTRITION     In this project, I have trained a model by taking employees data who left and currently working.I have used supervised  learning technique for this project. This model can be used to predict whether a employee leaves or not in the future.I have also tested the accuracy of the model.(project can be found at https://github.com/duddumanoj/Data-scienceand-machine-learning-projects)    

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