Thiago  A.

Thiago A.

Data Engineer

, Brazil

Experience: 2 Years


Data Engineer

46709.6 USD / Year

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2 Years

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About Me

More than 10 years of experience in industrial maintenance, monitoring and increasing results with data reliability, maintenance and increasing results with data reliability, database relationship, maintenance and predictive analysis of equipment....

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Portfolio Projects


Export Analysis of Data Using Spark


Data Scientist


This dataset contains data from over 4.5 million Uber pickups in New York City from April to September 2014 and 14.3 million Uber pickups from January to June 2015. Trip-level data on 10 others rental vehicle companies (FHV) as well as aggregated data for 329 FHV companies are also included. All files were received on August 3, September 15, and September 22, 2015.

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