Suraj P.

Suraj P.

Software Test Engineer 3+ years of experience in Manual & Automation Testing ,API & Database Testing

Pune , India

Experience: 4 Years


Pune , India

Software Test Engineer 3+ years of experience in Manual & Automation Testing ,API & Database Testing

10009.2 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

4 Years

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About Me

  • 3+ years of experience in Manual Testing , proficient in web based applications testing and API testing using Postman and Automation testing using Selenium webdriver with Java
  •  Experienced in testing Web-based applications.
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Portfolio Projects

Investment Banking


Investment Banking


Project : CFDs (Contracts for difference) Client : CFD Market, UK Domain : Investment Banking
A CFD is an agreement to exchange the difference in the value of an asset from the time the contract is opened until the time at which it's closed. CFDs are a leveraged product Key Transactions through a variety of offerings like Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Follow-on Public Offerings (FPOs), Rights Issues, Private Placements, Block Trades, Pre-IPO Placements, Buybacks etc.
Roles and Responsibilities :
● Understand the requirements & design test scripts accordingly.
● Identified, Reported and Tracked Defects using JIRA test management tool.
● Involved in all phases of software testing life cycle of test cases to ensure highest quality.
● Identified End to End Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data.
● Developed Automation Test Scripts
● Creating POM (page object model) and Test classes for the framework.
● Performed Smoke, Functional, System Integration, Retesting, Regression testing .
● Integration with Jenkins for nightly execution.
● Part of maintaining Selenium Framework using Maven, TestNG, and Selenium WebDriver.
● Responsible for writing and maintaining test scripts for regression and functional testing using data driven framework .
● Executing regression cycle test cases on each build.
● Environment : Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, Jenkins , Maven, Agile Methodologies ,Jira

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Telecom domain


Telecom domain


Project 2: Bouygues Billing and CRM System Client : Bouygues Telecom, France Domain : Telecom
With Bouygues Telecom Billing Integrator, CSPs can leverage open standards to improve their customer relationships and reduce the time and cost associated with integrating their CRM system and third party billing systems."
This ‘CRM- Billing and payment ’allows communications service providers (CSPs) to integrate Bouygues Telecom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with third-party billing systems, eliminating the need to develop customized integration solutions.
Roles and Responsibilities :
● Understanding the Requirements and preparing Test cases and executing test cases as per requirements and log a Defect if any.
● Involved in various testing levels – Functional, Integration & System testing, Compatibility testing Regression, Smoke and Sanity Testing.
● Involved in API testing using postman, cross checked result in database.
● Validation of Expected output vs Actual output in respective database tables Using SQL
● Identified, Reported and Tracked Defects using Jira test management tool.
● Checking the logs using UNIX.
● Raising Issues and interacting with developers & BA regarding issues.
● Environment : Agile Methodologies, API Testing using Postman , Database testing using SQL.

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