Tirunagari S.

Tirunagari S.

Looking for a Manual and Selenium Testing

Hyderabad , India

Experience: 1 Year


Hyderabad , India

Looking for a Manual and Selenium Testing

25028.5 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

1 Year

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About Me

                        To seek a role and associate with a prestigious organization where I can put forth my effort with skill and endeavour to excel in my profession, succeeding in the challenging work environment and Look...

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Portfolio Projects

Indus Insurance


Indus Insurance


Indus Insurance is designed for Providing Different Insurance Coverage with Different Plans and Insured term values. It Suits to all the Middle Level and High-Level Individuals across the Country. A Life insurance policy is a contract between an individual (termed as insured) and an insurance company (insurer) to pay the insured, or his nominated heirs, a specified sum of money on the happening of an event or on maturity. Which has four modules named as Administrator, Branch Manager, Agent and Customer.

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