Rajendra P.

Rajendra P.

Verilog VHDL EMbedded C, C++, Keil ARM MDK, FPGA

Padur , India

Experience: 6 Years


Padur , India

Verilog VHDL EMbedded C, C++, Keil ARM MDK, FPGA

57600 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

6 Years

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PULIVARTHI RAJENDRA PRASAD                        Hindustan Institute of Tech & Science

                                                                               Padur, Chennai – 603103

Sr. RESEARCH FELLOW                                         rajendra.pulivarthi@gmail.com

7797561734 / 7975757131                                        rajendraprasadp2016@gmail.com


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Seeking an opportunity to work for the development by contributing my service with a reputed R&D organization

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<!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->EDUCATION

Ø  Pursued M.Tech in ELECTRONICS DESIGN TECHNOLOGY from NIELIT CALICUT affiliated to University of Calicut got First class.

Ø  Completed P.G.Diploma in VLSI & EMBEDDED Hardware Design from DOEACC Calicut.


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<!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->Designing with Microcontrollers, Advanced Digital system design, Electronic system design, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Embedded Programming, Design of Digital Signal Processing systems, Multimedia compression techniques, Product design and Development, Embedded Applications in Power Conversion (Power Electronics), Embedded OS & RTOS, Automotive Electronics, Wireless communications.

--- Microcontrollers (8051 and ARM) Lab, DSP (c6713 DSK) Lab, FPGA Lab.

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Ø  OS & RTOS                 :   WINDOWS XP/7/8/10, LINUX, VXWORKS.

Ø  Programming                :   Embedded C, Visual C++, WIN32, Delta3D, OSG, VHDL, Verolog, Shell.

Ø  Familiar processors        :   8085/86, ARM920T, TMS320C67xx (DSP), STM32F4xx

Ø  Familiar controllers       :   AT89C51/52, ATMEGA32, AT91RM9200, PIC, Arduino, ARM Cortex-M4.

Ø  IDE & EDA tools          :   KEIL ARM MDK, TMM, MAT, VegaPrime, Xillinx ISE, Altium Designer.

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Protocols                        :   LON, MODBUS, SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, RS232/485, Ethernet.


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Project Name: Development of Multi-channel ANC surround a region adjacent to noise region sponsored by BRNS, DAE

Tasks Handled: Development of adaptive active noise control algorithms for an engine noise/compressor noise.

Tools Used: KEIL MDK ARM, STM32, IAR Embedded workbench, Wolfson audio cards, AMS Evaluation Board.

Ø  Done audio processing with piezoelectric sensors & actuators.

Ø  Done analog input-analog output (talk-through) using WM5102 audio card interfacing with STM32-discovery.

Ø  Done Multi-channel noise cancellation of an audio signal by DMA and achieved 20-25 dB noise reduction.

Ø  Done Multi-channel ANC for 200Hz & 500Hz (signal + WGN) by LMS & NLMS algorithms using STM32F4 & Cypress FM4 S6e2CC and achieved 25-30 dB noise reduction.

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Project Name: “Enhanced Synthetic Vision System for Civilian Aircraft” of MSDF LAB, CSIR-NAL

Tasks Handled: Development ofIR Database generation using MISSS tools    Duration: 10 Months

Tools and Programming languages: VegaPrime, SensorPrime, VSC++, Image & Video Fusion;

Ø  Done Synthetic Image rendering and drawing of tunnels using openGL and OSG and Visual Simulation / Rendering of Bangalore database in Delta3D and OSG.

Ø  Done Multi-spectral physics based Visual Simulation using Presagis Tools for ESVS of civilian aircraft.

Ø  Implemented Real-Time Image Fusion algorithms in C++ and OpenCV for ESVS with EO and IR camera sensors and Sensory and Advantech frame grabber/ capture cards.


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Ø  Signal Processing and Communications using Matlab / C++

Ø  Multi Sensor Data Fusion and Real-Time Embedded Systems

Ø  Multimedia (Audio / Image / Video) Programming using Matlab /C / C++

Ø  RTL Design (VHDL & Verilog) & FPGA Synthesis

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Ø  Attended a workshop on Low-Power design & verification using Cadence tool by Easwari College, SRM.

Ø  Attended IC Design using Mentor Graphics tool by Anna University and IEEE.

Ø  A National workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks VIS-À-VIS Sensor web enablement.

Ø  Participated a course on Real-Time DSP Applications using OMAP-L138 by JNTUHUCH, TI and IEEE.

Ø  Participated in National Conference on Advanced Signal Processing Applications conducted by KLU.

Ø  Participated in a National course on Marine Robotics conducted by CSIR-NIO, GOA.

Ø  Attended course on VegaPrime, SensorPrime, MAT and TMM tools by EDS Technologies Private Ltd.

Ø  Attended Seminar on Data Acquisition System Using LabVIEW conducted by NI.

Ø  Conducted Embedded System course for Diploma in ECE Students of Govt.Polytechnic college, Tanuku.

Ø  Conducted Two-days Embedded Systems workshop in Srinivasa Inst of Tech & Science, Kadapa.

Ø  Got certified “IoT Training” course by COLLEBERTACT, Ahmedabad.

Ø  Got certified “Acoustic Modelling & Simulation course” by COMSOL

Ø  Gave a talk on DSP Programming using TMS320C6713 DSK in Chalapathi Inst. of Tech, Guntur.

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Ø  Worked as CEO for SKYTECH Career Solutions in Guntur from MAY’17 to JUL’18.

Ø  Worked as Senior Project Fellow in MSDF Lab, FMC Dept. of CSIR-NAL, Bangalore and completed -“Development of IR Database generation using MISSS tools” from May ‘16 to Mar’17.

Ø  Worked as Senior Project Fellow in Communications of Autonomous Underwater Robotics Project sponsored by CSIR under 12th Five-year plan in the Robotics and Automation Dept., CSIR-CMERI Durgapur from 19’Sep 2014 to 20’May 16.

Ø  Worked as Assistant Professor for Digital Signal Processing and Satellite Communications courses for 1 Yr. 3 months in SMIST Rajahmundry.

Ø  Worked as Student Trainee for 1 year in R & D, CSIR-CSIO Chennai.

Ø  Worked as GET cum Production Supervisor in Hint Transformers Pvt. ltd from Jul’09 to Aug’10.

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Ø  Rajendra Prasad P, K Srinivas (Chief Scientist), Chentamarai Selvam (Sr. Principal Scientist) and Pratap Kumar S (Scientist-E), “Feasibility of Power Line Communication Testing and Network Development for Intelligent Home Energy Management System based on LonWorks PL Communication Technology”, ICITEC – 2013), HYD, Jul 6&7, 2013.

Ø  <!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->Rajendra Prasad P, “MgB2 Superconductive materials for Automotive Applications”, INDUCTICA International Conference, BIEC Nov 2012. 

<!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->   PUBLISHED & REVIEWED PAPERS

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Ø  Reviewed IET Signal Processing paper on “An FPGA Implementation of the FXLMS for ANC”.

Ø  Quality Reviewer for the paper “MISSS and its Interface with ESVS Simulator” published by NAL.

Ø  Quality Reviewer for the paper “Image Fusion Software Interface with ESVS Simulator” published by NAL.

Ø  Published in NAL Institutional repository on “IR Database Generation using MISSS Tools”.

Ø  Published in IEEE SENSORS 2018 & IEEE Explore Digital library on “Identification of Eye Blink Artifacts using Wireless EEG headset for Brain Computer Interface System”.

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<!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->ACADEMIC PROJECTS


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In this Project, a zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) scheme for a boost converter is proposed and discussed. This lossless zero-voltage scheme is shown to improve the performance of active power-factor-correction circuits and simulation done using PSPICE.

<!--[if gte vml 1]><![endif]-->P.G. Diploma in VLSI & Embedded H/W

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Mini Project #1 :           A Simple 16-BIT Customizable Microprocessor in VerilogHDL.

Main Project     :           Implementation and Design of cordic algorithm for WLAN in VerilogHDL.

                                    In this project accuracy of the WLAN receiver is measured by designing and implementing the cordic algorithm in VerilogHDL and it is tested in Xillinx Spartan 6 FPGA board.


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Mini Project: Low-Cost Digital Signal Oscilloscope

In this work, we have developed a low-cost digital signal oscilloscope using AVRATMega32 microcontroller and signal conditioning circuit to convert the analog signal given from the function generator into Digital signal varying its voltage, amplitude and frequency by a potentiometer.

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Main: Development of Power Line Communications based Energy Management System

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·         The project aims to develop a Smart Node (Powerline Embedded Node) to control, monitor and communicate vital energy and environmental data of the building to an evidence based Energy management system via Power line communication with environmental friendliness.

·         In this project we proposed LONWORKS based power line nodes for energy and environmental measurement.

·         We Configured Smart server (webserver) through Power line (PL) for communication using power cable.

·         Integrated Power Line based energy node and environmental nodes in the network.

·         Finally, PL based EMS using smart server tested by connecting the Embedded nodes.

Key words: Circuit &PCB Design using Altium Designer, Testing and Debugging of Energy and Physical Nodes, Software Design using Visual Studio(C#), Smart Home Energy Management System / Smart Metering.

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CSIR-CMERI Durgapur - 12th Five year plan Autonomous Underwater Robotics Project



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·         In this project, I have been undergone to develop the hybrid communication system between AUV and ship through Evologics USBL acoustic modems by using AT commands and converted communication program from Visual Basic to Visual C++.

·         I have done the statistical analysis of positioning technologies by accessing the data for integration of GPS/AHRS and INS using matlab, visual studio (C# and C++) to compare the accuracy of the Inertial labs AHRS and VectorNav INS modules.

·         I have implemented DSP algorithms and filtering techniques using simulink with TMS320C6713 and trained M. Tech students.

·         Acoustic Positioning System (APS) and Acoustic noise cancellation (ANC) in MATLAB

·         I have also implemented the estimation and detection algorithms for USBL receiver based on the positioning technologies in MATLAB. Spectral analysis and Filtering are done using LabjackUE9 and Measurement computing DAQ modules.


**Associated in Multi Beam SONAR configuration, surveying and post-processing integrated with phinsINS, NovatelGPS, Intertial labs AHRS sensors.

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CSIR-NAL 12th Five-year Plan–Development of Enhanced Synthetic Vision system for a Civilian aircraft




·         In this Project, I gained experience on Multi-spectral physics based simulation analysis of IR database generation for Enhanced Vision System using Presagis tools under degraded visual environments (rain, fog and RVR).

·         I also developed material classification using Texture Material Mapping tool based on the atmospheric conditions for different IR bands and visualization of sensorized textures using VegaPrime and sensor prime tools.

·         I am also involved for the real-time image fusion algorithms development using OpenCV and MSVC++ is used in the visual simulation of the Bangalore Database and are fused with the experimental data collected by the HANSA-3 aircraft for the part of EVS.

KEYWORDS: AVIONICS, C++, Image Fusion, Multi-spectral IR simulation, Verification and validation, OpenGL and WIN32, ESVS.

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Synthetic Image Rendering using OSG




I have done image rendering for flight simulation based on OSG and its tunnels in the air, 3d-mesh are added to the database for primary flight display and synthetic vision system (SVS) environments.

Keywords: Flight Simulation, Avionics, C++ and SVS.

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                 I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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Portfolio Projects

Active Noise Control algorithm development in a region adjacent to noisy equipment

Developement Single channel and Multi channel algorithm development using FxLMS


Active Noise Control algorithm development in a region adjacent to noisy equipment


I have devoloped ANC algorithms and mitigate the noise by 15-20dB both in single channel and multi channel


Done audio processing with piezoelectric sensors & actuators.
Done analog input-analog output (talk-through) using WM5102 audio card interfacing with STM32-discovery.
Done Multi-channel noise cancellation of an audio signal by DMA and achieved 20-25 dB noise reduction.
Done Multi-channel ANC for 200Hz & 500Hz (signal + WGN) by NLMS & FxLMS algorithms using
STM32F4 & Cypress FM4 S6e2CC and achieved 20-25 dB with a consistency of 15 dB noise reduction.

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Development of Hybrid communication for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


Development of Hybrid communication for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


I have been associated with the scientist team and developed the hybrid communication for AUV by integrating GPS, Multi-Beam Sonar, AHRS and INS sensors for navigation and Positon estimation of an AUV and exploration of coastal part in the ocean upto 500m and 1000m depth. 

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Development of IR Database using MISSS tools


Development of IR Database using MISSS tools


I have been associated with the Principal Scientists and developed the Infrared Database visuals for the Pilot to avoid the landing crashes of aircrafts under the part of Enhanced Synthetic Vision Systems. I have done the image processing and viddeo processing and its integration using Elector optic cameras and IR cameras using Presagis Visualization Tools.

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