Manish K.

Manish K.

Devops Engineer good at kubernetes and docker and other tools.

Hyderabad , India

Experience: 1 Year


Hyderabad , India

Devops Engineer good at kubernetes and docker and other tools.

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1 Year

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About Me

DevOps Engineer with knowledge of kubernetes, docker, GCP, CI/CD, Git , ELK stack, Linux, python, Nodejs, C/C++. In current organization I am responsible for release into production. I have developed CI/CD for release. I also used to work with pro...

In this organization I have implemented automate release work. Developers can deploy and test their code in development environment easily.

I have implemented centralized logging system from all machine.

I have setup database status and backup monitoring alert.

I have made hangout bot to handle twitter activities.

Currently working on hosting products on Google market place.

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Portfolio Projects


Redrabbit is the machine learning project focused on fetching data from internet on the basis of keywords.

With the help of machine learning algorithms authentic data is rated and showen.

This project can be used in medical field to predict diseases. It can be used in other fields also depending on requirements.

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