Joy S.

Joy S.

DevOps, Puppet, Shell Script, Ansible/13 years

Bangalore , India

Experience: 13 Years


Bangalore , India

DevOps, Puppet, Shell Script, Ansible/13 years

3500 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: 60 Days

13 Years

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About Me

Scripting: Shell Script

Administration: Unix, Windows

Virtualization: VMware vSphere 5.x

SCM Tool: Git
Monitoring Tool: Nagios

SCM Tool: Git
Monitoring Tool: Nagios
Automation: IPCenter

Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible

Build Tool: Maven

Container: Docker

CI Tool: Jenkins

Cloud: AWS

SDLC: Agile

Communication Channel: Slack, Trello

Retailing Tool: POS (Point of Sales), Sybase Remoteware 4.5

Ticketing Tool: Numera Footprint, Service Now, Maximo, Manage Engine, Jira

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Portfolio Projects

Infrastructure setup with AWS


Infrastructure setup with AWS


DevOps Engineer


  • Overall responsible for monitoring System alerts through NagiosXi and troubleshooting Memory, Swap, Disk Space alerts accordingly.
  • Closely monitored Foundation works to rearrange the monitoring infrastructure like added many non-prod, prod Linux, Aix servers in NagiosXi.
  • Pivotal in adding Linux servers through NRPE agent monitoring and Aix servers through SNMP monitoring and troubleshooting accordingly, if any error occurs. Tasked with changing all the public string to private string for Aix monitoring through SNMP.
  • Established plans for creating Superusers for all Unix prod and non-prod boxes and Sudo privilege provided, creating RHEL 6 & RHEL 7 repo servers to update the Linux hosts accordingly and updating the repo servers quarterly.
  • Accomplished responsibility for creating LPAR, VIOS from mksysb image in IBM 6P and 7P as per requirements, installing mksysb image using NIM, and virtual DVD configuration on VIOS.
  • Monitored AIX servers’ performance through GALELIO tools, making NFS share to provide shared location as per tasks.
  • Accountability for creating Linux VM on RHEL 6/7 OS as per requirement in vSphere 5.5. Just created template and attached ISO image to make the work easy.
  • Responsible for writing shell scripts for all of the above foundation works and schedules tasks.
  • Working as SRE to implement DevOps practice in the infrastructure.
  • Created script to capture Security Vulnerabilities and report the same.
  • Following IRAM2 methodology to deal with Security risks.
  • Setup/Managing servers on Amazon EC2.
  • Create/Managing buckets on S3.
  • Instituted Ansible for configuration management and automation across four environments; guaranteed 100% reproducible system setup fixing numerous systems issues and speeding implementation time.


Written below scripts:






To get AIX and Linux System information; Linux server post build; Root/User password change; Host down/reboot mail; IPtables/Firewall rule; Mail configuration; Firmware check; Rearranging backup space from local file system to NFS share; Development of script to move the files between different servers; Loading the Historical data of application using the automated scripts; UNIX scripts development for monitoring the logs, file sizes; Use Cron to schedule the UNIX script, Unix host down, Unix Disk Cleanup, Unix Host Down, Unix CPU Busy, Unix IEM Restart Service, Unix Zombie Process etc.

Automated System Administration and User Management task, Automate Deployment of Nagios and Client Monitoring.

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Puppet Center of Excellence


Puppet Center of Excellence


DevOps Engineer


Serving as DevOps Engineer for Société Générale GTS for Infrastructure Automation and Agile practice.


  • Travelling onsite to get the KT on Platform Puppet Module Development on Operating System as Service.
  • Taken ownership for Product/Software delivery design and driving the project accordingly.
  • Developing Puppet modules in compliance quality standards defined.
  • Delivering Puppet modules with acceptable defect density on Openstack environment.
  • Reviewing Puppet codes.
  • Editing, merging, sharing codes using Git.
  • Creating Jenkins Pipelines from MVP to Expected built.
  • Creating Puppet Modules and Applying for OS hardening as per CIS and SogGen standard.
  • Coordinating with Paris team to maintain the best practice amongst the team.
  • Using JIRA for Scrum and Agile Practice.
  • Created JIRA board for with EPIC and Stories to maintain the product as per Sprint.
  • Managing IT Infrastructure as code.
  • Puppet Module Developed – dsagent, flexera, Zabbix till date.

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puppet Jenkins

Automation and DevOps


Automation and DevOps


Serving as DevOps Automation Engineer for several Retail and Banking clients in Latin American, Project named ‘LA Dynamic Automation’ with IPCenter Automation tool and Agile practice.


  • Shoulder the responsibility for developing Automations through IPCenter.
  • Guiding & leading team to perform Root Cause Analysis to increase the Auto Resolution Rate for the automatas.
  • Running Lesson Learnt session which help to improve the project process.
  • Successfully running guild for IPCenter Skill Improvement training session.
  • Play a key role as Country Focal (Single point of contact) for Peru & handling all the automation issues for all the clients for Peru.
  • Leading Root Cause Analysis Team to increase the Auto Resolution Rate of automations.
  • Actively participating in Automation & Innovation Guild to automate different processes.
  • Meeting with Oracle/Database service delivery team to enhance the automata, new requirement discussion.


  • Delivered centralized software configuration management for enterprise application projects in a multi-tiered high-availability environment.
  • Providing support for the DevOps and Release Management Operations.
  • Installed binaries, configured and administered Jenkins Continuous Integration tool on Linux machines along with adding/updating plugins such as GIT and Ansible.
  • Inventoried and standardized system configurations and package installations; trained other team members in the use of Git Hub and Ansible.
  • Created standardized naming scheme; utilized Ansible to programmatically implement system configuration settings on Fedora/RHEL systems; multiple discrepancies eliminated across systems in AWS cloud environments.
  • Created Cloud Formation templates to automate the Amazon EC2 instance creation tasks with different applications.
  • Configured and Managing Docker container.
  • Creating Jenkins Pipeline scripts for automating build process.
  • Created Multi projects Jenkins Pipeline projects to setup complete deployment framework.
  • Using Telemetry to measure code performance in continuous deployment environment.
  • Work closely with developers, QA teams, Product owners and other stakeholders to deploy efficiently on various demand.
  • Scripting in multiple languages on UNIX, LINUX - Shell script etc.
  • Created development and integration Branches after a major release for various development teams.
  • Nagios Monitoring Tool setup on various application servers.
  • Managing Git Hub repositories and Jenkins CI.
  • Working as an SRE to implement more DevOps practices in the project.


Project Name:

Dynamic Automation (Project end to end automation)


Continuous Service Improvement (CSI), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD)


Several clients in Latin America for Banking and Retail

Configuration Management Tool:

Tool used for Automation:      



IPCenter (Background code is Java and Javascript)


CI Tool:

Build Tool:                              

SCM Tool:





Methodologies Used:

Software Model:


Automation Factory


  • Product Owner for Oracle/DB/Middleware based automation and taking inputs from the Scrum Master on the progress/completion of the valuable Product by the team members assigned to the Sprint.
  • Responsible for supporting the development and use of automation across the GTS (Global Technology Service Lab) Infrastructure Services delivery organization.
  • Practicing DevOps.
  • Responsible for MVP and Complete product Reliese with CI/CD pipeline.

Automation Designed and Delivered through IPCenter:

Ansible Coding:

Oracle Instance Inactive, Babble call for Oracle EBS lock, Execute Oracle/DB/Middleware Script via Service Request, Swap Space Analysis, Oracle Instance Inactive, Oracle Table Space, Oracle Restart Listener.

AWS Auto Deploy (CI/CD) using Ansible, Set up Jenkin CI with Ansible, Fully automated deploy of Jenkins using Ansible local/remote server.


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Linux Admin


Linux Admin


DevOps Engineer


Linux Administrator

  • Deployed Puppet for configuration management to existing infrastructure.                                 
  • Implemented Puppet modules to automate configuration of a broad range of services.
  • Refactored puppet manifests to reflect best practices. Wrote Puppet modules for -

Installing and managing Java versions.

Upgrading the linux kernel.

Managing persistent SSH tunnels.

Gathering system metrics via sysstat.

Created classes for Tomacat installation and services.

Created template for Tomcat configuration file.

Define classes for services and package installation.

  • Working on critical alerts generated (reported incidents by NOC) by NAGIOS and SPLUNK.
  • New LUN scanning and Reclaim space from servers.
  • NFS management, troubleshooting, performance tuning.
  • Requested application installation and update via YUM.

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