Naishal T.

Naishal T.

Strategic product, solution & technology architect - Microsoft Technologies full-stack

Pune , India

Experience: 15 Years


Pune , India

Strategic product, solution & technology architect - Microsoft Technologies full-stack

73714.3 USD / Year

  • Start Date / Notice Period end date: 2020-01-01

15 Years

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About Me

Enterprise business solutions, Real time engineering application, Information and Business Analytic Solutions, Machine Learning based on ANN, Business Intelligence, Cloud/SaaS based solution, Embedded Software


·       Tot...


·       Total 15 years of experience with Software Product Development, Consultancy Services and Change Management/Maintenance contracts. 9 years of experience working in leadership role, working with multicultural and global delivery team that includes interfacing with UK, Europe, Australia, India and KSA team & clients. Leading team of 55 people across 4 locations in India & freelancer in Russia.

My job role/responsibility has been to lead and innovate strategic aspects of product consulting, delivery/people/technology excellence; develop business process analysis documents, process optimization, scope definitions, systems modelling (Architecture & Design), and Implementation plan (development & release management) roadmap.

·       Handled the business/product upgrades for the annual product organization budget of 1.4 million GBP per year for years 2015-16, and  2016-17. Successfully brought it down to 0.35 million GBP per year, bring in key strategic changes such as – elimination of outsourcing, building & driving in house team to continue delivery roadmap, defining pragmatic enterprise architecture - roles, responsibility, processes, tools & technology.

·       Played critical role in the pre-sales to win major public transport & traffic tender. Reasonable blend of technical, domain, management and diplomatic skill-set to be an instrumental to sales team.

·       Extensive experience working with public/government accounts in transportation engineering, intelligent transport systems, urban traffic control and downstream energy distribution vertical. Possess track record to deliver 12 RTI system in UK & Australia. 2 UTC systems in UK, over 45 UTMC systems in UK and 4 energy distribution projects in India, UK and KSA. Heading Development and Delivery operations. Click for product portfolio. Trend setter, industry-leading research projects Greenwave (in progress with Bristol city council) & Opticities (delivered with Birmingham local authority). Currently delivering to the business plan of Metrolinx, please click here to know more.

·       In-depth & cohesive exposure to deliver software products on the top of Microsoft Technology stack. Well versed with Cloud based development, Distributed Microservices architecture, Microsoft business intelligence stack (SSAS, SSRS and SSIS), RDBMS systems (SQL Server & Oracle), SOA (WCF, Web & Windows Services) yet distributed model.

Build 8 people DevOps team, Implementing test automation framework using bespoke simulation platform, Continuous integration & deployment.

Expert in using ArchiMate 3.0 modeling language to ideate, visualize, brainstorm and sign-off logical and physical solution architecture. High & Low level designing using UML.

·       Specific area of engineering interest – Statistical Modelling, Predictive algorithms & efficient data structure, Mathematical modelling of problem domain; and self-learning & decision making ability in solution design & architecture to solve complex business problems.

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Portfolio Projects

Image processing & document management system


Image processing & document management system


Full-Stack Developer


Designed algorithms & data structure, core developer, deployment & testing


Developed Image Processing Product to register OMR & OCR forms configuration, registration & recognition. Responsible for defining data structure & algorithms as well as implementation from scratch.


Feature set:

1)     Removing symmetric distortion like Translation, rotation, scaling from the image by on the fly analysis of the image as it comes in.

2)     Automatic Deskewing and registering the document as an image through 2D matrix transformations.

3)     Zooming effect – Building scaling matrix for zoom transformation.

4)     Configuration of templates for OMR/OCR fields for the  document Input

Search Engine over the Document Management System.

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Energy distribution & billing systems

Energy distribution & billing systems


Energy distribution & billing systems


Full-Stack Developer


Requirement gathering, client communication & management, application development & testing, deployments & sign-offs (UAT)


End-to-end cycle of Gas Billing and Accounting for Indian customer. Major modules of the system are Prospectus registration, Customer Management, Installation and Alteration, Metering, Billing, Revenue collection and Recovery. My role is to:

1)     Spearhead Conference Room Pilots and brainstorming sessions with department managers and Super-users (executives) for commercial and regulatory analysis.

2)     System requirement analysis with client IT team & key system users.

3)     Creating Function and Technical Specification.

4)     Creating Non-Functional Requirement Document

5)     Developing design specification documents and managing with IBM Rationale suite.

6)     Maintain RTVM for requirement management and traceability.

7)     Scheduled meeting and reporting to PM, Account Executive and Client management over a CR schedule, effort and achievability as well as revision if needed.


Trained for ISMS Audit and managing the compliance. Helping PMO to set up the        practices and review of ISMS for the project.


  • IBM delegated Bravo Award in 2008 for implementation of Energy based billing for Indian customer. Ferranti delegated Sparkle Award in 2011 for implementation of complex processes in MECOMS for KSA based customer. Proven track record of customer satisfaction all along with series of delivery based recognitions straight from client


  • Paper written on “Web 2.0: A Vision of Knowledge Exchange Grid” was selected in top five in TEC-IN ’07 (IBM) and went on to tie up for the first position.

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Enterprise scale Public Transport, Urban Traffic Control Systems & ITS management product suite

Enterprise scale Public Transport, Urban Traffic Control Systems & ITS managemen


Enterprise scale Public Transport, Urban Traffic Control Systems & ITS management product suite


Software Architect


Product Architect, Head of Product team.


Lead and develop a culture of innovation and development excellence within the business with full design authority in fields such as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, computer programming, solution validation and product release. Leading 55+ people team to deliver business plan.

Lead integrated product roadmap and delivery excellence in the domains such as Urban Traffic Control (UTC) System, Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), Predictive algorithms e.g. Automatic Incident Detection; and Real time passenger information (RTPI) system.

Define, Manage, Implement and Control followings:

  • Enterprise & Product architecture to integrate & align vision, process, technology & team to organization objectives –
    • ArchiMate 3.0 compliant architecture & design specification – Integration diagram, component model, subsystem model, module design, data flow diagrams, data model(RDBMS & multidimensional), information architecture, network architecture, deployment views.
    • Low level design management such as CRC, classes, sequence, activity, state transition.
    • Product compliance management to disability and accessibility act.
    • Automation testing framework implementation.
    • Continuous integration, build and deployment.
  • Product, People and Delivery Excellence. Product & people leadership.
  • Sustainable and viable Product Architecture and Design.
  • Product release roadmap.
  • Product capability matrix.
  • Software sizing, pricing & budgeting. Return on investment.

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Energy Distribution & Billing Systems - MECOMS


Energy Distribution & Billing Systems - MECOMS


Functional expert of product, information & solution architect, Project management & delivery, client management & communication.


Responsible for interfacing & collaborating with customers(in Downstream Energy Distribution business) to elicit requirements, converting user stories into system requirement specifications, creating project schedules to jot down milestone and channelization of resources to meet project objectives. Gap analysis & identification of bespoke development and customization required in Ferranti’s MECOMS product (Microsoft Dynamics AX & SQL Server).


Delivered MECOMS product to UK based Gas shipper & Supplier & KSA based Industrial Water Distribution Company –


Major implementation modules:

1)     Customer Relationship Management

2)     Billing & Finance

3)     Transmission & Reconciliation

4)     Communication with UK Link, XOServe & other market participants (MRA, iGTs, etc.)

5)     Recovery & Settlement.

6)     Credit Management – SADAD Payment Operations Integration.

7)     Operations – Metering.

8)     Forecasting & Procurement.

9)     BI Analytics for strategic reporting & management decision making.

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