Omprakash S.

Omprakash S.

Principal QA Engineer: Selenium/SeeTest Automation/Jmeter/API testing/Core jAVA

Delhi , India

Experience: 7 Years


Delhi , India

Principal QA Engineer: Selenium/SeeTest Automation/Jmeter/API testing/Core jAVA

60000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

7 Years

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About Me

Hi Team,


I have 6.8+ years of experience in Leading a team of Software QA+DEV with Individual contribution for BigData analytics SDK project having SeeTest(Appium) mobile Automation & manual testing with cloud SOA web servic...

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Networking & Security

Software Engineering

Portfolio Projects

Big Data Analytics-Mobile/API/Microservice/ Automation & Manual


Big Data Analytics-Mobile/API/Microservice/ Automation & Manual


QA Tester


  • ⇨  Lead for the mobile device & application testing group for iOS & Android platform (client & server) with QA Engineers from different geographical locations and timezone

  • ⇨  Expertise in BigData project with analytics framework testing.

  • ⇨  Implemented SeeTest(Appium) automation framework to verify each action of analytics, also

    automated the Analytics web portal via selenium libraries.

  • ⇨  Good practical knowledge in world most secured Mobility domain with Server & Client-side test-


  • ⇨  Environment Setup and testing on the AWS cloud – Server Clustering, High-

    Availability(HA) and Load Balancing architecture.

  • ⇨  Analysis the data from Cassandra key-space database testing to check the events for each and

    every action using DBeaver client.

  • ⇨  Analysis Receiver side events upload for each and every interval( boom files) using

    HDFS commands

  • ⇨  Transform large set of structured, semi structured and unstructured data.

  • ⇨  Work closely with Product Management Team in defining requirements and use cases and in par-

allel work with the Dev/Ux team to align the user story requirements.

  • ⇨  Implemented the REST API micro service automation framework using Mocha(started) and JMeter

  • ⇨  Responsible for planning, providing estimates and testing strategy prioritization during sprints and validation cycles

  • ⇨  Pro-actively work with Development team in new feature design, problem analysis, reproduction, and resolution of issues

  • ⇨  Expertise in mobile device testing for both IOS and Android.

  • ⇨  Tested REST API SDK calls via JMeter/SoapUI (performance testing)

  • ⇨  Designed and implemented UI automation test cases in Robot framework(with selenium)

  • ⇨  Expertise in server side log analysis for each and every component with depth knowledge

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Cloud insight-360 (Cloud API's, WSO2 ESB/DSS, JMeter) QA cum developer


Cloud insight-360 (Cloud API's, WSO2 ESB/DSS, JMeter) QA cum developer


Backend Developer


  • ⇨  Designed, created and implemented test cycle and test cases in Zephyr (JIRA).

  • ⇨  Unit and Integration Testing using JMeter, SOAP-UI.

  • ⇨  Performance Testing (Load testing) and Database testing using JMeter and SOAP-UI.

  • ⇨  Expertise in Integration Testing and SOA Cloud based Testing using SOAP UI Tool.

  • ⇨  Logged defects via JIRA defect tracking tool and updated the same in defect traceability matrix.

  • ⇨  Versed in all aspects of manual testing, from GUI, API, Mobile & Web services to simple Back end

    testing in MySQL database.

  • ⇨  Performed MySQL server unit tests to create, update and cancel the records available and verified

    database(database testing)

  • ⇨  Creation and Execution of Selenium WebDriver automation script in java.

  • ⇨  Worked with release management team and building Jenkins jobs.

  • ⇨  As a developer:

  • ⇨  Environment Setup and testing –WSO2 products on AWS cloud

  • ⇨  Created WSO2 Governance Registry/Identity services server and data Services using WSO2

    DSS for MYSQL server.

  • ⇨  Created API and Proxy services in WSO2 ESB and ESB messaging testing using SoapUI.

  • ⇨  Created WBS for setting up sandbox environment and Test Environment as a developer.

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APT-Performance & Automation testing-iPartner


APT-Performance & Automation testing-iPartner


  • ⇨  Involved in designing and implementing different automation frameworks from scratch like Key- word Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid framework.

  • ⇨  Execution of Selenium WebDriver automation script in java for high frequency transactional BFSI website.

  • ⇨  Execution of automation script on different browser/environment & reported their defects/result to the client and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java and TestNG.

  • ⇨  Extensive execution of SQL queries on MySQL tables in order to view and validate successful transaction of data(Database Testing).

  • ⇨  Tested the SOA cloud based Web services via SoapUI and JMeter.

  • ⇨  Ability to planning and managing the Performance testing

  • ⇨  Performance Testing (Load testing and Stress testing) using JMeter.

  • ⇨  Log analysis for checking the request and response from different servers.

  • ⇨  Created WBS for setting up Automation and Performance test .

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