Swetha M.

Swetha M.

GIS MAPPING, NAVIGATION, LINUX,Good Communication and Analytical skills.

Hyderabad , India

Experience: 6 Years


Hyderabad , India

GIS MAPPING, NAVIGATION, LINUX,Good Communication and Analytical skills.

16920 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

6 Years

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About Me

  • Having 6.2+ years of Experience in the field of GIS Mapping.

  • Good at understanding the policy documents, procedural specifications for the basic and complex operations to run.

  • Strong foundation...

  • Strong foundation and detailed technical knowledge in mapping. 

  • Detailed knowledge on navigation and directions, both on desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Ability to analyse the navigation path, direction time and lane mapping as per road rules and attribute.

  • Performing high level repetitive tasks with high accuracy and quality control.

  • Participated in every Engineering Emersion with mapping software developer engineers and product managers of Google.

  • Performed Evals on the subjective data before country specific launches.

  • Performed quick Evals on Geo-spacial data effected areas due to natural calamities.

  • Defect Reporting and Tracking using Tools like Buganizer.

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Portfolio Projects


  • Ensuring the new joiners are well trained such that they are at the level of existing team on knowledge standards

  • Understanding the process involved and identifying the capacity requirements for such process.

  • Planning and reviewing the effective usage of manpower assigned to the tasks.

  • Planning and monitoring the projects ensuring the project timelines.

  • Ensuring the quality of the deliverables including key SLA’s are met, by constant monitoring the team performance through various checks and conducting refresher sessions to the team as and when needed.

  • Verify if the process workflows are regularly followed by conducting internal audits.

  • Ensuring standards as agreed with client are maintained in each phase of delivery.

  • Presentation of reports to the management enabling them in effective decision making.

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Creating roads using special commands, with tiger data and adding names and national highways

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  • Maintenance of Google maps relies mostly on Global Crowd sourced Data. Of this, the High risk data requires manual validation whereas Low risk data shall be auto-validated. My job is to lead the QC team of size 20 for the above operation.

Risk Identification: RMI relies largely on the user generated content, which if not effectively managed may lead to legal escalations, political conflicts, bad data on maps. Identifying risk based data patterns to improve the Quality and reduce the escalations

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