Manjunath K.

Manjunath K.

IT Professional with 20+ years experience in DEVOPS/Development teams in skill sets sets C++,Devops

Bengaluru , India

Experience: 20 Years


Bengaluru , India

IT Professional with 20+ years experience in DEVOPS/Development teams in skill sets sets C++,Devops

33364 USD / Year

  • Start Date / Notice Period end date: 2022-12-09

20 Years

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About Me

  • IT Professional with 19+ years experience, with experience in leading SYSOPS/DEVOPS/Development teams for large applications for global Telcos and Broadcasting clients of Accenture
  • Technically competent in skill sets C++, Unix, Je...
  • Technically competent in skill sets C++, Unix, Jenkins, Jira, C, Kibana, Appdynamics, Rally, Tomcat and have exposure to PL/SQL, Oracle DB, Cold Fusion, Splunk, Adobe Flex, Adobe Indesign and Axure
  • I have worked for reputed companies like Infosys, McAfee and my current organization is Accenture
  • Worked in Telecom (AT&T, Nortel, Nokia), Broadcasting (SKY, Comcast), Financial (North Western Mutual), Security (Mcafee) , Consumer goods (Avery Dennison) domains.
  • Worked for projects in Scrum, Agile and Waterfall models
  • Worked for clients from US, UK and Finland

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Portfolio Projects


ROLE : Initiated a new team and managed the team to perform the below activities

  • Perform patching activities and resolve vulnerabilties on their servers
  • Was responsible for creation of dashboards in AppDynamics to display metrics like CPU utilization, Memory utilization of various servers on their systems. This enabled the client have a clear view of the metrics of the various environments on single dashboard

Tools: Linux, Appdynamics, Rally

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SKY provides Digital TV network to its clients in UK. SKY has a CRM system integrated with several BSS/OSS and Digital systems to provide seamless digital TV viewing experience and broadband services to its customers.

As new innovative product and bundles are rolled in the DEV/TEST/PROD environments need to be ensured to have high availability.

ROLE : Initiated a new team, managed the team and mentored them to perform the below activities

  • Environment upgrades on various environment were performed during UK day time.
  • Manage environment upgrades(deployments) to the different environments present in SKY using Jenkins scripts which was part of the automated CI/CD pipeline. These upgrades were performed during the early hours on Indian Standard time
  • This ensured that the environment updgrades were completed during the Indian hours and the environment was available for use as soon as the UK morning sets in, preventing an loss of productive down time for the onshore team
  • Also proposed a linking individual Jenkins scripts using Jenkins pipeline for performing upgrades to have a single script to have perform the entire upgrade in an automated manner which improved efficency by prevent manual errors while executing individual Jenkin scripts. Also this decreased the overall time to perform the upgrades by around 10-15%
  • Support was being supported by the onshore team
  • Worked towards performing the Support activites from offshore by examining the logs of Tomcat and Kibana.
  • Since the Test team was an offshore team, there was better coordination with the Testing team leading to immediate resolution of incidents preventing blockage of testing activity and improved productivity of the test team.
  • This also led to increased business for Accenture as a new team for support was set up with increase in number of resources to perform the support activity and also increased Customer satisfaction.

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CHROSS is application which maintains the HR details of all the AT&T employees. This application is maintained on Unix and Oracle Database Servers and the frontend is maintained in Cold Fusion.

Role :

  • Managing all the releases and deployments for the CHROSS tower. Initally there was an abscence of strong processes for Operation readiness testing and Production deployment
  • Brought in processes for tracking of execution of Operation readiness testing, review of Deployment documents
  • Also brought in better coordination between the Dev/ Test teams and the operations teams to ensure disovery of issues during the ORT testing itself and ensure that the smooth execution of the production deployments
  • Created checklists for the checks that need to be performed during the ORT testing and also metored the team on performing ORT testing and production deployments
  • Ensured Collection of metrics on various servers on which deployments were performed such as CPU health, Memory checks and check on the functionlity of the websites to ensure nothing is broken post the deployments
  • Managed the entire releases right from the inception to creation of ORT test scripts to performing ORT testing with interaction with multiple stake holders like Dev team, Test team , Management and onshore team to ensure a smooth deployment
  • These efforts resulted in a smooth releases with minimal issues and client escalations

Tools: Splunk, Unix, Tomcat, ColdFusion, PL/SQL, Oracle DB

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Avery Dennison has a software product to design Retail tags for various products.This product has many components like Format Manager admin, Format Manager Designer, Format Manager Server , Print Manager and WCS. I am working on the install and configuration of Adobe InDesign for clothing label formatting.

The certains components I have worked on :

1) Integration with the Format Manager server with webservices to perform repository sync and download of ticket and upload of them

2) Designing features (like preflight) of Indesign to enhance the user experience in designing tickets to the required accuracy needed.

3) Performing Functionalities from the Indesign server end to provide functionalities like Shrink to fit, Barcode generation, Slide functionality, ticket expansion and tagged text functionality.

4) I have also worked on Axure and developed webpages using AXure

5) I worked on Deployment Activities for WCS using SVN and CVS

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Nokia Messaging Gateway is a Gateway that routes both Messages (SMS) and Emails from 40+ Nokia service application to the Nokia end Customers.The 40+applications provide various services to the end customer like registrations(Cherry), Ovi Maps and other value addedservices. The Nokia messaging gateways also routes messages from the end customer to the 40+ applications. NMG currently has 3 instances of Enterprise Messaging gateways running to serve the incoming and outgoing traffic. I am working as a production Support person for this application.

My roles involves

1) Resolving tickets raised against the application

2) Responding to any queries against the application especially if any message or email is missing and not delivered to the client peforming investigations regarding such issues.

3) Creating complicated statistical reports, graphs and trends on the number of emails , SMS sent out of the gateway for each client and also a cummulative report

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RNS(Regional Negotiation System) is an ordering system in South-East AT&T. RNS is a desktop based application used by the Sales Reps to create,Change and delete the orders as per the Customers request. The application helps the Sales Reps to explain the Customer about the Plans and Packages available and explain the benefits of the plans to the customer. RNS has Wireless, Long Distance, Wireline,DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) Products and DISH products available for Ordering. RNS Application interacts with many down stream applications to retrieve information like Rates& discounts, plans available,Credit Information, Address Information to validate the customer address, Plans Availability and eligibility depending on the Customer's credit.

My role in RNS is

* Analyse Functional requirements.

* Mentor fellow team members to acquire/enhance functional/technical knowledge

* Prepare/Review Estimates

* Work with team members to enhance their functional knowledge.

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In this project, Northwestern Mutual is focused on replacing its 9 existing desktop applications for their FR's with the Network Illustration System (NIS) a consolidated application to improve the sales process and reduce maintenance costs. This project addresses the following issues:

1. Training time and FR productivity: Current application service different products and functions, and data entry is duplicated across multiple applications.

2. Customer Experience: Style format of illustrations generated by each application are inconsistent and different values are displayed.

This project delivers a single application (NIS) across product lines, new issue and inforce in order to:

1. Improve productivity: Develop single application that can generate illustrations for all NM insurance products.

2. Reduce Maintenance and Future Enhancement Costs: Consolidated tool developed on proven technologies

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Lotus Domino is product which is a mail server for many clients. Group shield domino is an antivirus product which is installed on top of lotus domino which provides virus protection for Lotus domino. Group Shield Domino is available both on Unix and Windows.

My role has been

* This involved in working in both C++ in both Solaris and Windows environment.

* Was involved in Resolving many bugs in the GroupShield Domino product

* Enhancing the GroupShield Domino product to provide enhanced spam protection for a large set of email ids which are considered to be spam.This involved conversion of the spam email id list type to rich text type

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Accelar routers from Nortel provides connectivity for TCP/IP networks. It supports various protocols like VRRP, DHCP, ARP, RIP,OSPF. My role has been

- Configuring CR scenarios to test and verify that it has been properly resolved.

- Finding bugs in specific domain areas like VRRP, RIP,OSPF, DHCP for specific releases.

- Setup of lab equipments

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NTLPOAM is software in the passport switches of Nortel which manages all the components of the switch for example the ATM cards cards, ethernet cards.It also manages all the logs generated by the switch.

My role has been in

*Since the application is in C++ on Solaris I worked on resolving many defects in the application. It also involved understanding the inorder traversal of trees and various datastructures since the components in the switch are stored in tree format.Each node in the tree has fields which have certain values and can modified by the user interface

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NTLTRS has been a project which involves many components like DMS250 which is a tandem switch which provides for routing calls between trunks and then USNBD which is call monitoring. This is used by the FBI for monitoring calls.

My role has been :

*resolved internal and customer service requests.

* Been an onsite coordinator. Coordinated with the client and the offshore project team.

* Resolved resource constraint issues and worked towards resolving them.

*Worked on the design and implementation of E911 feature "Expansion of ESCO to a four-digit number".

Centrex is a product wherein the DMS100 switches of nortel provides the PBX facility. Apart from the PBX facility the poduct offers many features like call forwarding, call hold , conferencing. It also offer Multiple business group which is PBX facility across multiple geographical regions on different switches

My role is -

* Resolved major defects for the Centrex team

* Took up the role of Screening Service Requests for CENTREX group and ensured timely resolution of CR's

* As an Architect of the CENTREX, reviewed and approved Design Intent documents and looked in the major design issues of Centrex.

* Also worked on many features which enhanced the product Centrex

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