Asif A.

Asif A.

8 year software development

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Experience: 10 Years


Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

8 year software development

9600 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

10 Years

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About Me

Can complete end to end project having extensive experience in working different frameworks like spring, hibernate, liferay, thyemeleaf, angular and angularjs.

Recently completed one web application of golf club where admin can register a ...

Recently completed one web application of golf club where admin can register a user, create a game and user can earn game points.

Can create events, invite people and share event images.

Application back end created on spring boot rest apis and front end is agnular 8.

JWT security we used to secure our web application rest apis.

Model and view are completely decoupled so sprint rest apis can use with other application too.

I am a professional developers can complete task with in stipulated time and approximately no bugs in code.

Even for simple web application whenever I write code I always consider all types of scenarios so in future 

no problem of perfomance of system getting hand because of increase in client in numbers.

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Portfolio Projects




Software Architect


Golf club website.

Admin can add user, can create games, create events, add player to games and upload score.

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web doctor


web doctor


In this web application a patient can register using its medical registration number.

Can consult with doctor online, can take appointment.


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For ecommerce website has to upload images, videos and audio files.

We used CMS(Content Management System) to upload all types of document.

User can sort content using name, class and by price, popularity etc.


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university web appplication


university web appplication


We developed website for university where students can register, share their articles, ideas, classes.

Attend classes, upload documents and videos. For videos we use DAM digital asset management.


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