Paula G.

Paula G.

BS International Marketing: Business development and profitable innovation strategy to right target.

Guadalajara , Mexico

Experience: 22 Years


Guadalajara , Mexico

BS International Marketing: Business development and profitable innovation strategy to right target.

24766.8 USD / Year

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22 Years

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About Me

Experience in oroject management for business development and innovation oriented to B2B and also B2C, delivering great benefits, achieving successful results and incremental sales in volume and value, driving profit generation, market share impr...

Target and audience segmentation, content creation oriented to buyer´s persona, for technical, LOB executive or C-Levels leadership, inbound and outbound marketing, ATL marketing campaigns, digital campaigns, pricing strategy and marketplace optimization, SEO, SEM.

Problem solving, business aproach, costing, pricing, financial and P&L analysis, market research, data driven, strategy, creativity, communication skills, storytelling, copywriting, cross functional teams communication, dynamic leadership, inspiring others and developing people talents, mentorship, empathy, ability to connect with others.

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Portfolio Projects


Open P-Tech, Social Responsability Campaign.

Provide free education platform for STEM careers in Latin America, providingfree courses in Cybersecurity, Block Chain, AI, Data Science, Design Thinking, Professional Skills and Mindfulness, mainly oriented to students +18ys in LATAM in order to help them to increase their skills and posibilities to have a better place to work and also oriented to teachers.

With an expected goal of 25K new users (leads) in 9 countries in LATAM, marketing digital campaign supported by at least 17 influencers supported by Instagram platform to reach the main audience / target.

41% of the goal was achieved in the first 2 weeks of the campaign.

I was the owner and leader of the project, with crossfunctional global team negotiations from USA, Canada, India, Brasil and Mexico, from several areas: Marketing, CSR, brand and communications, financial, procurement and external agencies management, I would like to highlight that my main achievement was to challenge the status quo at IBM, developing a digital campaign with a new advertising agency and posting in the right channel according to our main audience. (IG for gen z)

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Cloud Pak for Automation for SKY Project

~ 108 Landind Pages developed for all solutions embedded in this Cloud Pak for Automationfor Latin America, providing a kit of automation solutions for industries, go to market strategysupported by 8 specialized Business Partners in all Latin America,

Content creation for buyer persona, audience segmentation, strategy implementation in Latin America with customized solutions per country.

Main Audience: CEO, CIO, COO, CFO, VP of Architecture, IT Developers.

SEM: 38 ads in Linkedin and Twitter, driving traffic to 21 different landing pages related to Cloud Pak for Automation.

28 demo trials, uses cases, client references, interlinking from main hub IBM page, remarketing strategy, IDC, Forrester, OVUM and Gartner reports.

Contact module, chat, scheduler consultation and inbound call.

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Journey to cloud digital marketing campaign and landing page creation, performance and optimization for LATAM, in Spanish and Portuguese.

JTC Providesservices and support to the industries to help them to transform their businesses with Journey to Cloud at IBM offering customized technological solutions to increase speed to market, ROI shorter time,confident and security data uploading in the cloud among others.

Including automatization, integration, A&I, services and security portfolio solutions to build a strong and confident portfolio offerings with the audience.

Mainly oriented to C-Levels that are the decision makers,developing though leadership content, trials, demos, gated assets for e-mail nurturing campaign and events among others to increase HQL.

All Industries, but most interest: Finance, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Educational.

SEM: Linkedin, Twitter, Third Parties business magazines, Gmail GSP

Digital events, webinars, whitpaper, Forrester and IDC reports and business trends,gated assets, use cases and clients references, trials, demos and whitepapers.

Main Audience: CEO, CIO, CTO,COO, CFO, VP Information Technology, VP Application Development and LOB Executive

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API Connect was one of the key solutions for Integration portfolio representinga53% of the total of the value of marketing contribution for the business unit, with at least 3 localized landing pages for Latin America, supported by 17 video demo, trials, use cases, clients reference, webinars, hands on lab.

Main Audience: CIO, CTO, COO, IT Developers, Arquitects.

SEM: 21 ads in Linkedin, 42 ads with URX form in GSP Gmail, and 26 assets for all different landing pages for this solution in all Latin America.

This solution was the most sold in Latin America during this time.

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