Sagar  W.

Sagar W.

Software Test Engineer

, India

Experience: 3 Years


Software Test Engineer

8007.36 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: 30 Days

3 Years

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About Me

▪ Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC. Feasibility Requirements Analysis, Design,Testing, Implementation, Support). Strong knowledge of Software Testing Life Cycle. Performed Functional, Integration and Regression...

▪ Good experienced in testing applications in Agiledevelopment environment.

▪ Expert knowledge in creating Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Defect Management to ensure Quality Assurance and to test all the business requirements.

▪ Actively involved in Review test case and preparing Traceability matrix.

▪ Very good experience in Functional, Regression, Smoke, Sanity, Ad-hoc Testing

of Web applications.

▪ Experience in preparing test reports and prepared daily test status reports to

communicate the test status with the team.

▪ Actively involved in System Integration Testing (SIT).

▪ Good Knowledge of Database Systems.

▪ Test case Design and execute to meet customer Requirement. Logged defect and report using defect management tool JIRA.

▪ Extensive experience in developing SQL scripts to validate the databases tables and reports data for backend database testing.

▪ Perform Check on Tables like Count check, Duplicate Check, Null Check before and after the transformation logic applied.

▪ Data flow validation from the staging area to the intermediate tables..

▪ Clear understanding of ETL concepts such as OLAP, OLTP, Star schema, snowflakes schema, Galaxy schema, Fact table, Dimension Table, Data Mart.

▪ Participated in scrum meeting and Prepare test report and send to higher authority.


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Portfolio Projects

QPR (Quality Process Review)


QPR (Quality Process Review)


QA Tester


Project Description:   


KPMG in India one of the leading provider for Audit and Taxation .KPMG having huge farm in that basically they having huge customer base. It will be very difficult for them to take inquiry manually. We are made it design application is QPR(Quality Process Review) for collect information of the customer through Engagement Leader. Whenever Customer wants to do the Audit basically they not interact with (KPMG) directly Engagement leader are provide link of QPR application through mail. Then fill the inquiry form through engagement leader and QPR central team are review. Then it will incomplete and insufficient data they send back to the engagement leader. If there inquiry sufficient to the audit and taxation they will provide the communication.


Task Performed :


• Analyzed the Mapping sheet properly and design test case.

• Understand the data to be used for reporting, Review the Data Model, Source to target mapping

• Performance testing on data, Review the test case and store review comments in repository  

• Perform Check on Tables like Count check, Duplicate Check, Null Check before and after the transformation logic applied.

• Data flow validation from the staging area to the intermediate tables.

• Run the job using Informatica workflow manager and track all the data in workflow monitor verify session log report.

• Map the requirements vs Test case in JIRA, Execute all the test case and Resister the defect via JIRA.

• Done defect analysis and identify RCA

• Participated in scrum meeting Prepare different types of reports such as weekly report, daily status report.

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Enterprise Application Integration HSBC


Enterprise Application Integration HSBC


QA Tester


Project Description:   

HSBC is UK base Company. HSBC is a third party data collection company they are having  daily transaction data into the database. They are collecting the data from different state of UK. This are collecting the data they are used for filtration process by applying ETL logics. We are checking eligibility of customer for taking loan in terms of simple interest or compound interest as per parameters candidate able to take loan also we are checking for manual count and sequel count must be match that all record from source to target moved.


Task Performed :​​​


• Understanding of SRS , Mapping sheet and Created Test Cases from it, Execution of Test Cases.

• Incremental Testing, GUI Testing, Functional Testing of Enhancements & Regression Testing of Defects. 

• Prepared Test Scenario, Test case design, and Review it.

• Performed Functionality Testing, Retesting and Regression Testing.

• Involved in the Behavioral, Input Domain, Error Handling, Calculation, Base, And Service Level Coverage.

• Resister the defect in JIRA.

• Preparation of Test Requirement Mapping and generate Test reports.

• Validating ETL transformation logics by using SQL Queries to validate Count, Duplicate, Null, String length, Data types, Constraint.

• Participation in project Scrum Meeting.



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