Atiqul A.

Atiqul A.

Principal Engineer (Android)

Gurugram , India

Experience: 6 Years


Gurugram , India

Principal Engineer (Android)

60138.3 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: Days

6 Years

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About Me

Master in Computer Application by education and working as Sr. Android Application Developer. Currently Handling projects related to
• Firebase (Database, cloud messaging......)
• Chatting
• Crashlytics
• GPS and Geocoding<...

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Portfolio Projects


nULTA - Online Healthcare Chat App

अपने मोबाइल पर चैट विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टर से बात करें।

nULTA is the First Medical App in India for online Mental Health consultation.

Ask Online Doctors your Health and Medical questions
Doctors appointed in less than 60 seconds
Pay the Doctor Consultation fee
Chat Privately and Securely with an Online Doctor (each session lasts for 45 mins)
Upload your medical health reports or x-rays
The doctor provides a diagnosis and medical answers for your health questions.

Chat Securely with India’s TOP Online Doctors
An Online Doctor is just a phone call or chat away! We have the Best-Qualified Doctors and Healthcare Experts at your service. Experts at nULTA care for you. Chat Privately and Securely with an expert doctor, counselor and veterinarian. They are all available at the click of a button.

Chat Privately with an Online Certified Counselor and Psychiatrists
Chat Privately with Trained and Certified counselors for Mental Health Counseling on Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc. Get help from a iCALL counselor. iCALL is a non-profit organisation run by TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) the premier educational institute in India.

Mental health problem?
Chat with our in house psychiatrist for all mental, emotional and behavioral disorders

Weight Gain?
To treat Obesity, Weight Loss and other related disorders chat with our Dietitian or Nutritionist

Veterinarian / Behaviorist
Chat with the Best Veterinarians about Pet Care. Pets are our family and we care about them. Do you have a question about your Pet or any queries related to their health, diet etc? Our Vets and Pet Care Experts help answer all those questions you have about your pet companion.

Chat with our Expert Allergist about food allergies, eye allergies, drug allergies and
different types of allergic infections

Chat with our dentist and get instant relief from toothache, gum pain and any other problems related to the mouth

Skin infection?
Chat with our dermatologist if you have ‎eczema, diaper rash, seborrheic dermatitis, chickenpox, measles, warts, acne or any other skin problems

Chat with our diabetologist to know proper care and treatment of diabetes

Ear, Nose and throat problem?
Chat with our ENT specialist for ear pain, ear infection, inflammation of the nose, sinus, sore throat, viral infection, throat pain etc

Cold, fever and headache?
Suffering from stuffy nose, throat pain, joint pains? For any acute and chronic illnesses chat with our general physician for preventive care

Women's health problem?
Chat with Gynecologist (OBGYN) for problems like late period, urinary tract infection, pelvic disorders, pregnancy related queries and other problems

Joint pain?
Chat with our orthopedic doctor for problems related to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves

Kids health problem?
Chat with our pediatrician to treat infants, children and teenagers who suffer from minor injuries, acute and chronic health problems

If you or your kids, parents or any family members are suffering from fever, cold, nausea or suffering from any other diseases, don't worry. Ask questions at your convenience. Our doctors and experts are there to help you 24x7.

Your and your family's health and happiness are important! Don't delay.

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"nULTA for Doctors" is for doctors only. Patients should download thenULTA app.

WhatsApp is an easy & free communication tool. However it's time consuming & gets cluttered. Important messages from patients can be missed.

Doctors can therefore use
• WhatsApp for personal messages
• nULTA for patient messages

nULTA is especially useful for Pediatricians , OBGYNs , Diebotologists & Psychologists because these doctors get many questions from patients. However it is widely used by all doctors, even senior cardiologists, to streamline communication with patients.

•Doctor can message all patients. Free
By messaging doctors maintain contact with patients with little effort. Free
Actually everything is free to doctors. We never charge doctors
•Patients can reply to a message or send a question to their doctor.
•Patients get two messages free, then pay Rs 99 per question. This credit is refunded if the doctor does not reply
This very small nominal fee is to ensure that the only messages you get are important ones. Patients won't pay to forward you a joke! Doctors make money, not from the nominal per chat fee, but from more business from the patients they are in contact with
When a patient sends a message, the doctor asks 1-2 questions, offers a solution then ends the chat in 2-3 minutes. The doctor can ask the patients to get some tests done
•Doctor can ask patient to come & see him/her.
•Doctor can ask to see a photo of a skin problem or of a test result.
•Messaging all patients is good marketing by the doctor. This reminds old & new patients to come & see the doctor. In that way, just by using the broadcast feature the doctor builds their practice & revenue
•Broadcast messaging on nULTA is better than groups & broadcast messages on WhatsApp. On nULTA doctor can broadcast any number of patients & all patients will receive the message. WhatsApp has a 100 person limit & also doesn't send broadcast messages to everyone on the list
Patients medical history is built up over time from the summary of previous chats & previous reports shared by the patient.
nULTA offers an easy way to build up medical history. Just enter the patient's phone number into the app. The patient does the rest

TO TRY THIS APPinstall it &
Step 1. Doctor gives permission all the contacts in the phone book to send messages on nULTA. Patient is sent message by nULTA server.
•Doctor's phone number is never disclosed

Step 2. Doctor gives their phone to receptionist & tells the receptionist to add more patient phone numbers.
•Doctor should do this every day to slowly get all their patients into doctor's online database
•nULTA is a work-related app without personal messages. So ok if receptionist or junior sees or sends some messages.

Step 3. Doctor sends first broadcast message all patients
•Tell them that they can now ask questions on nULTA
Or send a marketing message e.g."if you have diabetes in the family please come & see me"
These broadcast messages can remind patients to do tests, do vaccinations or to come & visit the doctor

Then answer questions from the patients. The doctor is paid 80% of the fee per chat fee. These fees are small just to cover technology costs & ensure that you only get important messages.

Chat is the most popular technology in the world today. Old & young patients love to send/receive messages. They want to ask their doctor small questions & get a reply. Chat in medicine is already happening today & is inevitable. This steady tidal wave of technology cannot be stopped. So, don't get left behind. You are lucky that you found nULTA, so now install the app &:
(1) Allow contacts in phone to message you
(2) Give your phone to receptionist to add more numbers
(3) Send your first broadcast message to all patients


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CarWale appis one of the top rated car apps in India for new and used car research. Today, finding a suitable car for your needs can be exhausting with a multitude of options available.
CarWale appanswers all your car related queries online. At CarWale, we work towards simplifying your car buying journey by providing accurate on road prices of cars, genuine user and expert reviews, the option to book test drives with nearest dealers. You can also compare different cars with the car comparison tool. This app also helps you to connect with your nearest car dealers for the best offers available.
If you are looking to buy second hand cars, this app provides more than 50,000 verified used car listings from genuine sellers. You can also sell your second hand car in just a few steps and know the right price for your car with the car valuation tool.

Features of the CarWale App:
On road car price- Get accurate and up to date ex-showroom, on road price and price breakups for all cars sold in India of brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Renault, Tata, Toyota, Mahindra, Nissan, Datsun, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and so on.
Car features and specs- Up to date features and specifications (such as mileage, seating capacity, transmission type, etc.) of cars including the most recent launches
Compare Cars- Best car comparison app for comparing prices, features, specifications and colours
Customer Review of cars- 10,000+ user reviews to help you make the right choice
Expert Reviews- 5000+ video reviews of cars by industry experts
Buy or sell old cars- 50,000+ used cars listed for sale across various cities in India. Buy second hand cars from a wide array of listings from genuine and top rated sellers. List your second hand car for sale with a few simple steps and get connected with genuine buyers
Car News- Latest domestic and international car news including a special section for upcoming cars in India. Stay updated with all the latest events in the Automobile Industry in India such as Track Day 2019

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Autobiz - An app that helps a car dealer manage his business on the go in every aspect. This app has been conceptualized to have all the functionalities to facilitate both used car and new car dealers alike, such as managing Stock, lead follow ups etc. It is an all in one place app to run a dealership hassle free. It also has reports which provide actionable intelligence to a dealer to run his business smarter and data driven. It has seamless integration with the desktop version and details entered from either platforms (desktop or mobile) are available anywhere anytime.
Key features:
1. A user friendly dashboard to navigate to the key sections of the app
2. Follow up with leads via calls, SMS, WhatsApp and email, manage inquiries from leads in one place
3. Schedule Test drives, update Test drives in a very easy manner
4. Lead assignment feature to enable lead flow between various users of Autobiz in a dealership across platforms like web and android
5. Manage all calls related to leads in one place with a capability to add leads via missed calls
6. Build customized Price quote for any car. Calculate the tentative EMI on the price quote and email the quotes to your customers
7. Reports to track stock inventory, stock performance and employee performance
8. Add/view and edit stock details
9. Upload to CarWale and receive matching inquiries

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