Ammar Y.

Ammar Y.

Expert in mobile development with flutter and android studio

Cairo , Egypt

Experience: 2 Years


Cairo , Egypt

Expert in mobile development with flutter and android studio

30000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

2 Years

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About Me

Mobile Developer (Flutter + Android). any word-press Ex .eCommerce
work closely with computer analysts and engineers in using languages such as Java and C++ to develop the necessary specifications for software.


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Order a postman, and start shipping your orders in our out your local city.


Upostman is a new concept of delivery. Upostman will get you what you need, some important papers? your wallet? or anything else. Forget about the long waiting lines or high costs. Download Upostman now and start making orders


What makes us special?


-Finding a postman is a lot easier than waiting for hours in boring lines

-Communicate with the nearest postman to you and agree on a price.

-Pay in many ways, we accept credit cards and cash.

-Local GPS order tracking.

-Send shipments to anywhere in the world with any already traveling postman.

-Order shipments to be shipped to you with a travelling postman.


Get started!


1. Download our app.

2. Choose what type of service do you need (Local, Global), Or search flights to see the best one to ship with.

3. Contact the postman with the best deal for you.

4. Sit back and relax, your order is on its way.


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If you have any suggestions or have any issues with our app please contact us on:


Visit for more info


Upostman - Next Generation Of Shipping


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Company - Fashion Social


Mobile Developer


Discover: Discover your style through a detailed fashion analysis that breaks down your exact style profile to its smallest bits and bytes - your styleDNA.


Connect: Connect with communities of users sharing similar styles and crew up to create new style trends.


Tap: Send out your fashion choice and have your crew vote on it! Or check out your crewmates style choices and make sure they don't make any fashion mistakes!


Burgundy-colored ugly sweater? Mismatched socks? Teal colored shoes?


Download today. We've got you covered!

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What.Pet Virtual DNA Ancestry


Ever wondered "what kind of cat do I have"? Or what kind of breed is your dog?


Did you know that the breed ancestry of your dog or cat can be associated with hereditary health risks that can affect many pets?


What.Pet is the only dog and cat app with all of these features: virtual DNA, customized genetic health risks, smart document repository, AI-matched neighbor & daily quiz games!


Get the app now and discover the breed ancestry of your pet companion with our uniquely personalized breed and health reports for your dog or cat!


- Easily upload photos of your cat or dog and our advanced AI engine will do the rest.

- See extensive history and origin information for hundreds of dog and cat breeds.

- Learn about crucial health risks for your pet based on breed predispositions.

- Conveniently store and retrieve important document(s) such as vaccine records, health insurance cards and more!

- Meet other dogs and cats just like yours with our advanced matching algorithms!

- Post something funny or cool, ask a question, follow other pets with our new feeds!

- Guess what breed that pet is with our daily quiz game featuring real pets from other users!


Download now and get a free virtual ancestry report and everything you need to discover your pet today!


FREE features

- Extensive A.I. cat and dog breed identifiers for hundreds of breeds, including purebreds and mixed breeds;

- Library of dog and cat breed information for most breeds;

- Personalized hereditary health risk information analyzer (if applicable) specially calculated by our A.I for your pet;

- PDF document archive to store an important record for your dog or cat.

- Neighbors to meet dogs or cats just like yours!

- Daily quiz game with real pets from other users!


PREMIUM features:

- Even more personalized health risk information(if applicable) tailored to your pet;

- Unlimited PDF creator and archive for your pet's records such as health insurance card and vaccination records;

- Extended neighbor pets to meet even more pets just like yours! Who knows, they may even be related!

- Extra quiz game entries to quickly scale our leaderboard!


For best results (please read!):

- We use the latest advanced machine learning algorithms that can be highly accurate! It is still important to use good quality photos of your pets.

- Be sure to use whole body photos with good lighting. Depending on the physical appearance of your pet, our A.I. will make informed guesses about its ancestry.

- Got an idea or issue, let us know (, as fellow animal lovers, we're here to help!


Please read this before downloading!

- Any info we provide is strictly for general informational purposes only and not meant as medical advice. Always consult your vet with any questions!

- Our results might be similar to what you would see on a DNA test for your pets; but these aren't true genetic tests and shouldn't be used as such.

-Puppy/Kitten owners: breed determination is based on being able to detect the physical characteristics that define a particular breed. In young pets, these characteristics are often not fully developed. Our AI will do its best, but please do not expect an accurate result.


What.Pet was handcrafted with love for pet-lovers (like you!) by pet-lovers in Miami (USA), Chicago (USA) and Teresina (Brazil). Thank you/Obrigado for downloading and using our cat and dog app!

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Preferred Language

  • English - Fluent

  • Arabic - Native/Bilingual

Available Timezones

  • Eastern Daylight [UTC -4]

  • Central Daylight [UTC -5]

  • Mountain Daylight [UTC -6]

  • Pacific Daylight [UTC -7]

  • Eastern European [UTC +2]

  • Greenwich Mean [UTC ±0]

  • Eastern EST [UTC +3]

  • Further EET [UTC +3]

  • Australian EDT [UTC +11]

  • Australian CDT [UTC +10:30]

  • Dubai [UTC +4]

  • China (West) [UTC +6]

  • New Delhi [UTC +5]

  • Singapore [UTC +7]

  • Hong Kong (East China) [UTC +8]