Iverson M.

Iverson M.

Android Developer Both Java and Kotlin iOS with Objective C

, United States

Experience: 8 Years


Android Developer Both Java and Kotlin iOS with Objective C

77990.4 USD / Year

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8 Years

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About Me

My background started off with iOS, bt as i progressed in my career, I've becaome focused on Android, and mainly with Kotln.  My first True Android experience started with American airlines, where I was software developer helping to upgrade t...

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Portfolio Projects


American Airlines App


Mobile Developer


· Redesigned under the guid of the UI/UX team several screens in Android.

· Converted the several screens mentioned from MVC to MVVM architecture.

· Resolved issues with keyboard animation in the Android app

· Used XZing pattern recognition to read pass code on Passports for Android

· Investigated the possibility of transitioning code to Kotlin.

· Investigated the use an implementation of MVVM into current Android code base.

· Investigated the use of implementing Dagger 2 for dependency injection in Android. And replacing Dagger 1.0

· Investigated certain parts of the code, checking for dependency injection.

· Interacted with the IBM Contractors on app communications with American Airlines new micro services background

· Helped train 2 QA personnel in the Java language on their transition from QA to junior developers.

· Facilitated reading pull requests and code reviews

· Authored and tested a proof of concept app using Android Pay for non-Samsung devices.

· Wrote unit test for my work completed JUnit and Mockito.

· Used Jenkins for continues integration

· Wrote unit test for Keyboard animation, using Espresso automated testing framework.

· Worked as part of a team of of 2 mobile developers, and several IBM contractors who were implementing the new micro services backend.

· The project consisted several groups across multiple teams

· Used Rally for project management.

· Used Zeppelin for UI/UX implementations and management.

· Used Slack to communicate between team members.

· Attended daily scrum meetings and followed Agile Scrum methodology throughout the Android development project.

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Mobile Developer


· Health care providers can dictate their patients diagnosis. The app then sends the audio file, compressed by the MULaw algorithim to a server in CA. The audio file is distributed amongst medical transcriptionists around the country, where the audio file is printed word for word on paper and submitted to health care facility.

· Maintain HIPAA security and controls through out the app

· Use of Explicit Intents for Android App

· Used Parcelable to serialize Java objects from Activity to Activity.

· Implemented MuLaw audio compression.

· Communication with external Restful API with the backend server using core Android classes

· Attended the meetings with the clients to know more about business and requirements.

· Used XML to exchange data from Restful Web Services.

· Enhanced the user experience (UX) by validating first the network state before calling a web service.

· Designed custom views and use icons extensively for the layouts improving the User Interface.

· Cultivated an environment of excellence, through code design, code reviews.

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Mobile Developer


· Participated in IOS related projects. The most notable project was an Electronic Patient Care Reporting. This App is currently in an Ad-Hoc deployment with the Anaheim Fire Dept., Laguna Beach Fire Dept. and Laguna Beach Dept. of Marine Safety.

· Investigated new technologies for cross-platform compatibility for next generation of already deployed apps.

· Participated in the development of the next generation of web server for related products. The technology used was ASP.NET.MVC and ASP.NET Web API for a RESTful service.

· Took over a project from an external development team. Reduced the code-base from 80,000 lines of code to just below 40,000 lines of code. Removed over a hundred redundant classes.

· Experimented and used TestFlightapp.com SDK for checkpoint analysis and rapid real-time crash reporting and resolution.

· Converted the local DB from raw SQLite3 to Core Data.

· Designed and implemented an HIPAA compliant login screen.

· Implemented .NET technologies for developing IOS applications via Xamarin.

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Mobile Developer


The Experain Android apps are designed to facility the ease of use for a consumer to request their credit reports in real time over the their devices. Also, the Experian apps also keeps track of consumers’’ personal information and will notify them if any nefarious activity is occurring with the their personal information.


· Added certificate pinning to Experian EIW app to prevent man in the middle attacks.

· Added retrofit interceptors to the Experian EIW app to help facilitate the addition of real-time data analytics for server side analytics team to collect and to analyze.

· Added a User Benefits Screen for the Experian ECW app. This was done using the Model View-View Model (MVVM) architecture, and written in Kotlin with data binding used.

· Redone and re-implemented the Consumer Credit Report Screen. This screen had a complete UI/UX make over, and was converted from Java to Kotlin. Also, the architecture was converted from Model-View-Controller (MVC) to MVVM. This included the removing of all the Butterknife bindings, and replacing them with equivalent data bindings representations.

· Redone and re-implemented the Self Reported Credit Report Screen. This screen had a complete UI/UX make over, and was converted from Java to Kotlin. Also, the architecture was converted from MVC to MVVM. This included the removing of the Butterknife bindings, and replacing them with equivalent data bindings representations.

· Created and added a Room database for real-time temporary cache of the new Apollo data.

· Implemented Order Analytics to several parts of the app.

· Implemented Firebase Analytics to several parts of the app.

· Implemented MixPanel Analytics to several parts of the app.

· Implanted DARC track-Link analytics to several parts of the app. This is new layer for the GraphQl API that Experian is implementing in all their services.

· Debugged numerous issues, from simple mostly UI fixes as needed by the UI/UX teams, but also addressed and fixed several crash issues.

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